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    Face, in case you were curious: OMP 0.8.2 works nicely with Orbiter 2016 uner Wine. The user just has to remember to install .NET 2.0 (winetricks dotnet20) on top of any dlls necessary for Orbiter itself. I didn't test everything, but I did a quick session with a stock DG around the Moon from...
  2. mjanicki

    News London City first UK airport to get remote digital air traffic control

    There was no mention of this in the article, so perhaps someone knows: Why does the digital tower need to be remote? Whey can they not simply upgrade the existing tower/cab to use the new digital measures, or build a new one on site? I don't understand why it needs to be 120 mi away.
  3. mjanicki

    What music are you listening to?

    Certain artists I go back to every so often. One of those is Anna-Maria Hefele who is just extraordinary. Youtube has some good examples of her work with some other very skilled musicians.
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    Request Tutorial request: YouTube tutorial on how to make an addon

    I don't do meshes and textures myself, so I'm not sure if this will help you; but, David Courtney has a ton of Orbiter tutorials, one set of which is a 6-part series on using Gmax to create a rocket. Again, I don't know if it will have everything you need, but you could have a look.
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    What music are you listening to?

    Cocteau Twins while doing a lunar transfer.
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    Problem Adding ships to scenario

    You could dock the one vessel to the other and go from there. Or, after creating the new vessel, select "State Vectors" then double-click the target vessel in the "Copy state from" box. That will drop the second vessel right at the center of the target vessel.
  7. mjanicki

    Problem Adding ships to scenario

    Enter Scenario Editor. Select New. Select Vessel Type and provide a unique name for the new vessel. Click Create. Set location, orbital elements, etc. When done click Done a couple of times to get back to Vessel Type selection. Repeat the process for a new vessel. If, for some reason, the...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    It's probably been said already, but: Goldfish put Lincoln Logs in your sock drawer.
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    Question Favourite Linux distro?

    Slackware sine 1994. Rock Solid.
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    Source Code: Generic Station UMMU/UCGO Support 2016-02-13

    Because I suspect I won't be able to involve myself with updates to my StationUCGO modules when the new Orbiter is released, I thought I should release my source code so that someone else might be able use it. The archive contains a full project/solution for MS Visual Studio 2013.  Hopefully...
  11. mjanicki

    News R.I P. Chris Squire

    He was one of my earliest musical influences and continued to serve as an influence over my bass playing for decades. He is most sorely missed. -- Mike
  12. mjanicki

    News Short Ars Technica Story on Shuttle Cockpit Trainer

    A short article of the decommissioned space shuttle cockpit trainer with some nice photos. Mmm... switches and buttons! Enjoy the article at Ars Technica. -- Mike
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    OHM Atmospheric Data MFD v0.2

    My apologies for not seeing the 2010 update requests sooner. I had forgotten about this MFD somewhat. The good news is that the only change that would need to be made would be to account for changes in the way 2010 handles drawing, as opposed to 2006. The bad news is that I cannot find my old...
  14. mjanicki

    Gaming Flightgear 3.4 released

    I'm using a similar laptop to Spacethingy, but mine's even less powerful: Dell Inspiron 15 laptop (i3, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 6Gb RAM). I'm running Flightgear 3.4 (originally started with 3.0 I think) built from source along with all the dependencies on Slackware Linux with reasonable results...
  15. mjanicki

    Question Your biggest "Oh ****" moments with computers

    I was working for a company doing electronic medical records. Someone needed a quick update to correct one patient's Social Security Number in the database. Now, I had already created user-proof interfaces to handle just this sort of thing; but, I was already connected to the database so I...
  16. mjanicki

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I just noticed something unexpected with the latest R14 when running Orbiter under Wine: Enabling Anti-aliasing (4x) in Launchpad -> Video -> Advanced page causes loss of graphics in MFDs but only for some vessels. Even more interesting, MFDs displayed correctly when using the 'stock' 2d panel...
  17. mjanicki

    Problem Sucky frame rate under Linux

    Well, at least direct rendering is working, but I don't see anything abnormal in your OpenGL info. Hopefully someone more familiar with video internals will come along, as I was able to get good performance with just the couple of changes already mentioned. Only other thing I can think that we...
  18. mjanicki

    Problem Sucky frame rate under Linux

    Oh well, it was worth a shot that it would be the easy fix. :) I probably won't be of much help beyond this, but I can help you gather some info that might be useful to others to help troubleshoot. First, let's make sure that direct rendering is being made available. At a command prompt...
  19. mjanicki

    Problem Sucky frame rate under Linux

    Hi, Tmac. Orbiter 2010 under Wine (on a Slackware box) was the same for me until I found out that wine wasn't using OpenGL for rendering. For me, I had to add a couple of registry entries (wine regedit). Specifically I needed to add a key for DirectDrawRenderer and UseGLSL. Have a look at...
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    Question What are you reading?

    I'm about to start "The Drowned World" by J.G. Ballard.