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  1. jangofett287

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    The usual strategy is to set all your faces to smooth then either 1) Select edges and use "mark sharp" or 2) add an edge split modifier.
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    x64 Development

    For what it's worth, I've generally found GitKraken to be the least worst GUI for git. I'll try and explain: "remote" is just a git server with a copy of the repo. "fork" is GitHub's term for a copy of an existing repo on to a different account. This makes a new repo. GitHub keeps note of the...
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    C++ Question Stack cookie instrumentation code

    It means something in your code wrote to an address it shouldn't have, probably off the end of an array.
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    Vessel ISV Venture Star and Valkyrie shuttle from "Avatar"

    Actually, the engines are at the front. The Venture star uses a tension truss for it's backbone, which means the thrust needs to pull it, not push it. More details can be found here:
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    That's just the orbiterworld map from the download Artlav posted rendered in a program called Chunky. If you actually want to load the map you'll need to either find an appropriate version of craftbukkit and disable some of the plugins or re-merge the _nether and _the_end folders to make a save...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Because of COVID I've been working from home the last few days and work gave me a laptop. It's keyboard has the Fn key crammed in on the left of Ctrl. Let's just say it's probably a good thing that Fn+C or Fn+S or Fn+Tab don't do anything.
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    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    The path separator on Windows is "". The path separator on Mac/Linux is "/". I smell a likely bug here... ---------- Post added at 03:05 ---------- Previous post was at 02:57 ---------- I take that back. this should work just fine. Looks like there's lots of logging in these scripts. Would be...
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    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    Then there's something else wrong with your setup and I'm not sure what. I wouldn't worry about that for the moment though because... BUG oMMU_API.lib has been compiled with Link Time Code Generation enabled which means only the exact version of the MSVC toolchain used to compile it can be used...
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    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    Ok. Just adding things to your project won't get you anywhere. In the listing on the right you need to remove dlgctrl.lib, ommu_api.lib, ommu_api.h and ommu_data.h. You also need to remove ommu_api.cpp. Then you need to make sure ommu_api.h and ommu_data.h are in orbitersdk\include. It looks...
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    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    BUG oMMU_Data.h is missing from the pre-compiled release .zip file. In the mean time open this link then hit CTRL+S and save it as oMMU_Data.h next to oMMU_API.h ---------- Post added at 03:51 ---------- Previous...
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    Project Orbiter MMU (oMMU) development thread

    You need to add the libs to the linker settings, not the project files. The slightly cheating method is to add #pragma comment(lib, "oMMU_API") to your cpp file. The proper way is to edit the project settings. Right click LER2016 and select properties. In the list on the left open up the...
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    Note that this is WTI futures for may which close at the end of tomorrow (Tuesday), meaning anyone left holding one of these contracts is obliged to take physical delivery of 1000 barrels per contract. Two more things you should know; firstly "1000 barrels" is a volume, you need to supply the...
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    Unless something catastrophic happens to the planets geography, I doubt we're leaving the EBU any time soon. The EBU is not related to the EU.
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    Update Updated G42-200 Starliner

    Thats... not how that works. You can definitely mix static and dynamic libraries. It would be rather stupid if you couldn't.
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    Update Updated G42-200 Starliner

    What's the problem exactly? I've always found static libs easier because you just add them to the linker settings and it works. With dynamic libs there's a dll to end up in the wrong folder, plus dllimport/export and something to do with ordinals I never quite understood.
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    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    In the top right corner of the viewport is a row of 4 circles and a down-arrow. Click the down arrow and check "Backface Culling" under "Options"
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Funny you should mention that...
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    C++ Question Static calls between 2 classes in one library

    Just to sanity check, are you debugging with optimizations enabled?
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    Relativistic large-scale collisions

    A quick consult of the ever useful Atomic Rockets yielded the following equation: K_{er}=(\frac{1}{\sqrt{1-P^2}}-1)*M*C^2 where Ker is the energy, M the mass and P is the fraction of the speed of light. Taking the mass of the smallest asteroid on this list (1.4e11kg) and plugging in that and...
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    Problem CPU reboot at Load screen Orbiter16

    Lets be clear here, there should be no way for userland code in Win10 to cause a system reset. This is almost certainly hardware related.