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  1. blixel

    OHM Hall Base on Phobos

    When you extracted the files, did you preserve the directory structure? Depending on the archiving program you are using, it may have extracted all the files to the same directory. If so, when you copied the files over, it would have just dumped them all in to the root Orbiter directory as...
  2. blixel

    New Orbiter SVN commit (r.71, Oct 14 2017)

    I'm seeing this also. Orbiter 2016 RC2 (inline graphics client) + Orbiter 4.0 ... when I select Radio/mp3 MFD, I get a CTD. I'm also getting a CTD 100% of the time when I load the Quickstart scenario [edit: from the Checklists folder], press F3, select Mir or Luna-OB1, and then click Apply. I...
  3. blixel

    Flight Question Reentry from the moon

    I think I understand what you are experiencing. Basically it sounds like you are "skipping" off the atmosphere and heading back out into space. When coming back from the moon, your velocity is so high that you are presented with new challenges with regards to landing and/or establishing a normal...
  4. blixel

    Project BaseSyncMFD going Open Sourced

    Much appreciated! The improvements are fantastic! I suspect 32 is sufficient for most bodies. The moon rotates slowly enough that it might actually be useful to have more than 32 in the case of very slow bodies like the moon, but in any event, 32 is WAY, WAY better than 8. Also, I speculate...
  5. blixel

    OHM BaseSyncMFD 3.3 for Orbiter 2010

    I just had a quick look and the changes in 2.5 look perfect. I tried inputting a variety of invalid input and the MFD safely handled it. Being able to cycle through more than 8 orbits into the future is fantastic! Very useful! Being able to set startup options via a config file is great. I also...
  6. blixel

    Project BaseSyncMFD going Open Sourced

    I hope others will chime-in on the button layout, but in my situation, I only use BaseSyncMFD to help me with base alignment. I never use its deorbit functions, so the ANG, ANT, ALT and DEO buttons could all be moved to Page 2 and I would never miss them. But that may be just me, so I certainly...
  7. blixel

    Project BaseSyncMFD going Open Sourced

    It didn't occur to me to make this point sooner, but is it possible to see more than 8 orbits out? Like a Page FWD type of thing that would show 9, 10, 11, etc... I remember a lot of times I would see a passage to the base that had a Dist of like 250km on say orbit 2 or 3, and beyond that they...
  8. blixel

    Project BaseSyncMFD going Open Sourced

    I do run StateSaver Autosave, but I've never thought to observe if it was the case that the BaseSync target was resetting at the same time as StateSaver was saving. EDIT: I just brought up Orbiter and ran several tests with StateSaver and BaseSync. StateSaver lets you specify a time interval...
  9. blixel

    The Martian

    Saw it Friday night. Loved it. Go see it.
  10. blixel

    Need help with MS Excel Chart

    I'm getting a little turned around here. With regards to the lab, are you saying that my current measurements for steps 6 and 7 are backwards? (i.e. I should be showing negative current on the left side?)
  11. blixel

    Need help with MS Excel Chart

    Ok, I'm sure you're right. I'll have to redo the lab to see the multimeter readings again, but I think you're right. I don't have a firm grasp on what's going on at this point.
  12. blixel

    Need help with MS Excel Chart

    Yes. I attached a PDF copy of the lab if you're interested in seeing it.
  13. blixel

    Need help with MS Excel Chart

    Thanks for the reply. I thought about doing something along those lines, but I was hoping for a cleaner solution as I think this is going to be a regular problem for the next few months. But ultimately the end result just needs to be an image that gets copy/pasted into a lab report, so if I can...
  14. blixel

    Need help with MS Excel Chart

    I'm hoping someone here can help me with an Excel question I have. I want to make a chart that recreates this hand drawn report: I can make Quadrant I without any problem, OR I can make Quadrant II without any problem. But I'm not sure how to make them both together in one chart since the...
  15. blixel

    Project BaseSyncMFD going Open Sourced

    BaseSyncMFD has always been one of my staples in Orbiter, so it's great to hear that development on this MFD will continue (in some form or another) on into future releases of Orbiter. If anyone does have a chance to work on the source code (Enjo or someone else), one issue that I've had with...
  16. blixel

    Software Windows 10 Free Upgrade?

    I've done the Windows 10 upgrade on 3 of my systems so far. I haven't upgraded my main system yet because I can't be inconvenienced. I haven't had any real problems with my upgrades, but I will say that I don't really believe in OS "upgrades", so all of my upgrades have been done with the intent...
  17. blixel

    A breath of fresh air!

    I wanted to stop by this thread and say hi to everyone yet again on this very special day. Today is my 2 year anniversary since the double lung transplant. I am happy to report that all is going well. I will be going to the hospital in 2 weeks for my annual follow up. In last year's update I...
  18. blixel

    OHM TransX 2018.05.06 MMExt2 for Orbiter 2016

    Looks good now. I hope the OH drives aren't dying. (Bad sectors and such.)
  19. blixel

    OHM TransX 2018.05.06 MMExt2 for Orbiter 2016

    Odd. The zip file on OH isn't the same as the that I downloaded in April, 2014. The file on OH seems corrupt.