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  1. Burnrate

    Any reddit users?

    I made an Orbiter subreddit if anyone is interested. I like to lurk here and there a lot and thought it might be fun to have some discussions on reddit because I am on there all the time. Someone besides me should come and post something :)
  2. Burnrate

    New Release Cruinthe: Asteroid 3753

    I made my favorite asteroid! Cruinthe Asteroid 3753 It is sometimes called Earth's second moon because it has a period of one year around the sun and is always in front of the Earth. It has an inclined Earth crossing orbit which brings it pretty close at one point in its orbit but is still a...
  3. Burnrate

    Cruinthe Asteroid 3753 2009-08-17

     This is an Add-on of my favorite asteroid Cruinthe or 3753 or sometimes called Earths second moon. It has a period of one year but an eccentric earth crossing orbit.  It comes very close to eath in one part of every orbit but is still challenging to catch. Have fun!
  4. Burnrate

    Request Flyarounds

    Lets start with you floating still next to the ISS. The ISS is not big enough to have any kind of its own gravity so you cannot orbit it and will have to control your speed and direction all the way around it. What you are going to use for this is the rotational and translational RCS...
  5. Burnrate

    Tutorial DG-IV: Detailed Earth runway landing; with safety net.

    :P That was probably the best thing to do though. Attempting to bank and course correct while using the auto hover will usually result in to steep of a roll which will cause the hover jets to go offline. Then the only thing that was holding you up is suddenly shut off. I guess its in...
  6. Burnrate

    Tutorial DG-IV: Detailed Earth runway landing; with safety net.

    I made this mini-tutorial due to my repeated experience of traveling long distances throughout the solar system only to end up damaged or destroyed at the very last moment by an unsteady landing. This does not cover any reentry or aerobraking and I tried to cover all details of landing. My...
  7. Burnrate

    Tutorial DG-IV Moon to Earth Reentry Data

    Hi, thanks :) I just read your thread and watched the tutorial. I was having the exact problems you described attempting it with the DG-IV. What is the trick for having both controls active at the same time?
  8. Burnrate

    Tutorial DG-IV Moon to Earth Reentry Data

    Mostly they would look like fire! When you reenter the high angle of attack of your craft causes it to stall. You can control the angle and how much stall to maintain a vertical speed which keeps you going down and slowly bleeding off speed. If you have a high negative vertical velocity that...
  9. Burnrate

    Tutorial DG-IV Moon to Earth Reentry Data

    I made a little chart giving a general idea of how the DG-IV can survive doing a direct reentry into the Earth's atmosphere and how you can get the result you want. The main benefit of this is saving fuel so and time so you don't have to reduce the eccentricity of your orbit. This shows the...