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    New internet, who dis?

    New internet, who dis?
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    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    Holy smokes, I disappear for a few years and come back to find SSU dead and the whole landscape of Obiter different... 😆 (edit: and apparently my signature pics don't even work anymore.... time has flown....)
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    Vessel Fictional USAF tailsitter

    Reminds me of the tail sitter VTOL test aircraft the AF and Navy had like the Lockheed XFV-1 and Convair XFY-1 Pogo.
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    News 75th Aniversary of D-Day

    D-day and H-hour were standard military terms used to describe the day and hour that an operation would start and dates back to WWI. There were actually several "D-days" during WWII before Operation Overlord. After Overlord, the general public became aware of the term and calling the start of...
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    News Ethiopian 737 crashed on way to Kenya, 157 people on-board

    I'm surprised Ethiopian Air isn't getting any blame TBH. Both crashes happened in parts of the world that are well known in the industry to have substandard Pilot training. That's on the individual airlines, not Boeing. But the whole deal has revealed flaws in the aircraft, no getting around that.
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    News The Space Shuttle for Flightgear 3.6

    Also, while docking with on the -rbar is a valid procedure, it was only used on the first couple assembly missions IIRC. Once the Destiny Lab was installed (STS-98) all subsequent shuttle dockings where a +vbar approach and docking. The shuttle would approach on the -rbar until ~600ft from the...
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    News The Space Shuttle for Flightgear 3.6

    So flightgear is some alternate reality where the shuttle was equipped with a SSVP and docks to the Russian segment... :flowers: Kidding aside, very nice work btw. :thumbup:
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Thanks for the pictures Artlav. :thumbup:
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Found the little area that I was working in on the map. :thumbup: Good times.
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    News Virgin Galactic's LauncherOne (orbital launch system)

    It's kinda strange seeing a 747 with a missile under it's wing. :D Interesting that they are using the 5th engine mount though. Makes sense.
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    General Question Shuttle fleet mfd's???

    You would find that in the base Orbiter Manual. ;)
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    Idea Shuttle Fleet recompile for Orbiter 2016

    The drag chute was normally cut around 60 kts to keep it from hitting the Main Engine bells.
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    General Question Space Shuttle books

    I know you said you only wanted picture books ;) but "The Space Shuttle Decision" (two volumes) by T.A. Heppenheimer is the best insights into the development of the STS. The section on the SSME development alone is worth the price. Volume I is all pre 1972 concepts and discussions about the...
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    Idea Shuttle Fleet recompile for Orbiter 2016

    Right. Columbia when into overhaul after STS-9. Sorry. :cheers: gattispilot: make sure to take a look at the SF manual. The other shuttles have different variants as well to match the livery differences. Columbia is the only one with three though. There is a section in the manual on the...
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    Idea Shuttle Fleet recompile for Orbiter 2016

    If I remember correctly MID102 gives you Columbia with the 90's livery plus the SILTS pod on the tail. It may also add attachment points for the EDO pallet. EDIT: PG 7 of the shuttle fleet manual. OV-102 with ORIGINAL is Pre-STS-9 OV-102 with MID102 adds the SILTS pod with markings that...
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    SSU Development thread (4.0 to 5.0) [DEVELOPMENT HALTED DUE TIME REQUIREMENTS!]

    One thing going for it, is that the Autopilot was only tested all the way down final once (STS 3?) and had some unusual pitch oscillations. There are still conflicting reports as to the cause. But the autopilot was never used after entering TAEM from then on AFAIK. (Might have been disconnected...
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    General Question How is Kerbal more famous than Orbiter.

    I thought someone did a flight when the graphics were separated from the core with the graphics client turned off, using only the MFDs... It's actually not that different for most spacecraft.
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    US Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

    Saw the eclipse in Hopkinsville, KY. Traffic was crazy but we solved it by flying to and from Kentucky in a Cherokee 140. :thumbup: It was simply amazing.
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    US Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

    I'll be flying to Kentucky from Ohio. Weather so far is looking promising. :thumbup: Everyone be safe out there.
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    I do commercial flying for an aerial survey company. We use a DJI S900 currently but are looking to upgrade to something that can fly with a dual sensor setup (Camera and Lidar). I have a DJI Phantom 2 that I fly at home for practice. I'm not super into the UAV thing but I took it as an...