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    appropriate usernames strike

    2010 was a very long time ago,and i was very immature back then,and had no real idea what anything was
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    appropriate usernames strike

    i think this is the most accurate way to put it
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    appropriate usernames strike

    so,yea by the name of this entry,you probably should be able to guess at what i am implying but,if you didn't get it: long story short,i became a communist recently it was interesting how i went from being a "conservative" to a communist,but,hey,things happen im not up for debate here,and i will...
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    What music are you listening to?

    listening to the new Knife Party album,TBH,it is different,and there only a few things i like in it
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    News Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo accident during powered test flight

    do you have a link to the footage,i haven't been able to find it
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    Wow so happy right now

    okay,so,i run a tumblr blog,and i post pictures of a controversial nature on there,so it doesnt suprise me when someone requests me to take thier pictures down im not one to remove content when you are overly rude toward me,most of the time,that will get you more exposure in my blog but i have...
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    im a...Furry

    thanks for the kind words
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    im a...Furry

    yes,I am i think this will explain this community has helped me to be more open-minded and ive made a lot of new friends now,i have not,nor will ever,leave this community,Orbiter is still one of those things which never gets old,im just devloping new intrests i probably will not be active on the...
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    Pictown - a detailed town for Orbiter (formerly ABFO)

    could somone point me to a download link
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    Orbiter demotivators

    got it,thanks
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    Orbiter demotivators

    i dont get it
  12. Excelsior I

    Excelsior I

  13. Iridium Office Towers

    Iridium Office Towers

  14. Excelsior II

    Excelsior II

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    Diamond City Earthquake(fictional)

    slight damage in the Northeast Triad,300 miles away
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    Diamond City Earthquake(fictional)

    Diamond Citythe day after thanksgiving Diamond city was struck by a 9.1 Earthquake,so far we only have estimates but up to 25,000 people may have been affected,the city skyline has been drastically altered by the collapse of many Supertall buildings(Triton Center Complex Diamond City,Ferdinand...
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    Super-Earths give theorists a super headache

    this makes me laugh for some reason
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    Kepler's First Found Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-like Star

    "is located 600 light-years away" like that makes me think weel ever get there
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    Scenario Solar System Today

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    FSX discussion

    ok,if you start to get light on load,climb higher