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    Announcement Donation target adjusted

    I honestly don't know why I bother.
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    Announcement Donation target adjusted

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    New Public OMP Server

    I've set up an OMP server at port 1515. Available craft include: DGXR1 at Wideawake XR2 at Wideawake XR5 at Wideawake DeltaGlider IV at Wideawake Arrow at Brighton Beach G42-200 at Wideawake Shuttle-A at Brighton Beach Other craft/locations considered. Support available at my...
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    OMP Support

    ok, I think i found the problem. My server has multiple external ips. While the server is bound to, the udp packets are leaving the server from the primary ip,
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    OMP Support

    I decided to try and set one up. I'm running ubuntu. It starts up with no errors and I can "connect" but no udp packets are leaving the server. Here is a packet capture from the server. It's running at, everything but the password and ip remain default. Any ideas?
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    General Question Mission Control Simulation

    I understand what your saying. My problem tends to be keeping the dang thing running. I've tried that many times. Power outtages, crashes, and other things of that nature tend to cut my missions short. Go to bed and wake up to a freshly booted computer and the last save was hours ago. I'm...
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    General Question Mission Control Simulation

    Yes P can get you to orbit, but what if the target is something beyond a basic orbit. And full autopilots tend to be very cpu intensive. What I'm looking at only allows full autopilot in small short spurts: launch, course corrections and landing.
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    General Question Mission Control Simulation

    What I meant by outages would be like as a craft swings around the other side of the moon from the earth, you would have to have your burn script uploaded prior to signal loss and wouldn't know if it completed successfully until the craft swung around the other side. But that said, I plan on...
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    General Question Mission Control Simulation

    That's basically my thought. Have a persistent online server. There would be a website and/or program that you would use to view data from your craft and to upload new software. Exact timing wouldn't be a problem, but it has to be scripted. I'm also considering data delay to due to distance...
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    General Question Mission Control Simulation

    We all like to fly our little probes around and there have been attempts at mission control software in the past but they all end up failing at one general point: Why look at it's data when you can be flying it. I've come up with an idea and I'd like to run it by you guys that know the ins...
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    Weather station reading prior to tornado

    There is a 3 foot tall, 60ft long I-beam laying on the L wing and fuselage. The main spar connection under the fuselage is warped also. Damage to the airplane as a whole isn't as bad as some others at the airport. It is repairable but considering the plane was only worth about $28k to begin...
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    Weather station reading prior to tornado

    Ever wonder what weather readings look like prior to a tornado? My airport and airplane were hit yesterday by one and I was able to salvage the weather data from the AWOS. Here are the last 20 minutes of readings prior to loss of sensor data. 012045Z 19024G30KT 8SM L_ 0 00 --- CLR 29/24...
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    News Elon Musk wants to put millions of people on Mars.

    What if you design the tank to be one shot, but the engines to be reusable? Some how protect the engines and avionics so they can reenter undamaged, with tank taking the brunt of the reentry. I would figure the avionics and engines would be the the more expensive parts of the launch vehicle...
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    Gaming Do you guys know any freeform space exploration/mining/trading sims?

    I know the X series doesn't allow for on planet operations but it is a very open ended and versatile game. You fight who you want, build what you want, trade what you want, and annihilate any one you don't like. The new X:Rebirth is in the works and even though we don't have a solid release...
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    Updates Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity)

    One thing that has always surprised me about images from mars is that they don't look as alien(For lack of a better word) as I thought they might. I guess I expected different colors or formations. But then again, without all the geological processes that require water, it would be kind of...
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    Problem Issues with scenarios with lots of vessels?

    Thank you, was about to pull my hair out on this one.
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    Effect of wind on flightpath.

    In aviation it is called a crab. I still use my E6-B(a type of circular slide rule) to calculate it when I am planning my flight. In these calculations you also have to account for head/tail wind components as they will change your final flight path slightly too. To start out wind...
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    Flight Question Rendezvous with ISS - Travelling in opposite direction

    I would thing it would be a feat just to hit it( aka pass through it), let have an approach precise enough to allow docking. ---------- Post added at 23:17 ---------- Previous post was at 23:08 ---------- Just thought about this. All you would have to do is dump your main tanks right...
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    Check out the Orbiter reference on P52

    What addon is that in the second pic? The one with Goal and dV budget?