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    Question Question regarding

    I am trying to customize a little. I have my own ship I built to which I want to add damage capability. Orbdamage works for me but simply shows my destroyed ship as 2 metallic rocks. It appears to me from others' pics that if my ship were larger there would be lots of metallic...
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    Problem View Screen Grab for help with Attachment

    Attaching two fairings to a mother ship with "Payload Manager" was a snap, but after finding that "Payload Manager" hates the code that I used to adapt the autopilot to a tailsitter...I had to switch to "Attachment Manager"....I simply can't figure out how to do the same thing. Would someone...
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    Problem Recursive Warning Help

    Could someone tell me why I am getting the warning : c:\users\crice\documents\visual studio 2008\projects\chippersat\chippersat\chippersat.cpp(89) : warning C4717: 'chippersat::DefineAnimations' : recursive on all control paths, function will cause runtime stack overflow Its around the line...
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    SDK Question Respectfully asking help with PManager vs. RotateVector

    When you say "attachments" thats new to me. Is that like writing Flaghalf: attached in the scenario. That'd be ok. But PManager allows me to keep the fairing on until I press CTR + 1 and CTR +2......How does attachments work and would it do this? Thanks.
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    SDK Question Respectfully asking help with PManager vs. RotateVector

    This part of the code was simple cut and paste from the codes own author. I agree the 11 vs. only 2 is puzzling. However, I only need two for my two fairing halves. The most important thing is that I've witness the code work as it should just as it is printed here. The only thing different is...
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    SDK Question Respectfully asking help with PManager vs. RotateVector

    I know all you software developers are extremely busy, but if I might humbly ask for your expertise regarding an ongoing problem with development. My craft spent a year as a tail-sitter, but was oriented like a LEM. Its z axis was its thrust axis. This caused all sort of crazy landings due to TD...
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    Project $$$ for Forum/yourself exchange for help on autopilot

    Wow! Thanks!:sweet: You not only fulfilled my wishes, but you helped me learn a little more about coding and VSExpress...When Hylnkacg said "just add it to your header" ...I just cut and pasted the whole math function into my .h file, but when I right clicked the headers file and added it as an...
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    latest error

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    Project $$$ for Forum/yourself exchange for help on autopilot

    OK, my desperation has hit an all-time low. I will pay 50 dollars to the first person who delivers a chippersat.cpp and chippersat.h file to my pm box that will compile successfully on VSExpress2008. The module has been tested and worked fine except for the fact that it is a tailsitter and...
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    Update Problem incorporating "RotateVector" into class

    Could you please fill in this lineGlobal2Local(chippersat::RotateVector((rVel+gPos),horizon,90), vNormal); with an arbitrary angle in I know where to change something. When I put something in where "horizon is" it just comes back with the warning "parameter 3 can't be coverted to...
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  16. my ship

    my ship

    ship axis
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    Update Problem incorporating "RotateVector" into class

    Yes, I realize "horizon" should be given a numerical entry....but am i not right that that is computed for me by the code at the top of my post. The person who posted didn't say what file it came from only that it was an certain math.h file for orbiter. Seems to me if I included would...
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    Update Problem incorporating "RotateVector" into class

    Hlynkac posted code to override Orbiters default autopilot to function with a tailsitter +Y oriented craft instead of Orbiter default +Z. In his post he apologized for not adding that 'RotateVector' comes from an unspecified special orbitermath.h file....In that post it is never revealed as to...
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    Problem Re-defining Autopilot for +Y lunar lander type

    See new thread on incorporating "RotateVector" into my vessel class. The original problem I had is solved, obsolete and bred a completely different problem.
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    Problem MFD/ HUD visability VC mode

    tried all sizes I'm going to try your material settings , take a screen shot , and get back to you...have to run out for awhile. But my HUD size says .14 because that's the last size i tried before copying to you the code. I've tried size 1, .5, .7., .15....none changed the size , it stayed...