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  1. Krys

    Question I'm asking those who have jobs

    Current job: Temp Previous job: Postgrad programmes admin Hopeful future job: Maths Teacher/Multimedia designer
  2. Krys

    Tablets for Math and Physics

    I'm doing a Maths degree and I use a tablet for all kinds of things. If you get the right kind of app to write into its great for sitting there to do calculations (i use ink can zoom in and delete fairly easily). It's like having a portable whiteboard. BUT there isnt a lot of...
  3. Krys

    Announcement Staff Member Updates

    Congrats Xyon!
  4. Krys

    Need story advice -- what am I missing?

    LOL! Fair enough! That was a long response - I'm happy for people to tell me to shut up and mind my own business :p. I'll read the first one as soon as I finish my current werewolves in space book (no idea who wrote it). It's nice to know lots of thought went into choosing the names :)
  5. Krys

    Need story advice -- what am I missing?

    I've read your excerpt now...quite a bit of detail there! Reporters are witty, so with a name like Kylora, I'd say Killer Wilson would be a bit snappier than "bulldog". Also Kylie seems a bit soft for a nickname, Ky would pack more of a punch. Unless you are turning this into a romance in...
  6. Krys

    Need story advice -- what am I missing?

    without having read any of your work.....and given I read about 4 books a day..... The most common and personally satisfying way to turn from the 2nd protagonist to the main is simple..... You explain the 2nd's day up to the point that "Kylie" walks through the door and end the chapter with a...
  7. Krys

    Question birthday present.

    I'm thinking he meant that you should do some voluntary/charity work..... As for presents, it's easy, ask your best friend what they want and steal their list ;). (Definitely joking, my bestie's list would have perfume, archie comics and noodles on it.....all things I'm not keen on). Do what I...
  8. Krys

    Question How come I almost can't find any female Orbinauts?

    *jumps out of the quiet corner* Doing a degree in Maths here sunshine...and....I LOVE maths...pure maths not this horrible applied engineering/physics stuff...give me cold hard algebra etc any day of the week! When I was 15 my friends asked "what's your ideal man" Tall, geeky and daft was my...
  9. Krys

    Announcement Staff Member Updates

    so studies over, now for a "real job"?
  10. Krys

    Hi Everybody!

    Welcome to the orbinauts! Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, unless you are doing an EVA.
  11. Krys

    Best and Worst Experience Flying on a Commercial Flight?

    Worst: Well I was doing a flight from London Heathrow to Sydney on Friday 13th. From gate 13, leaving at 13:00. To be fair I really should have taken all those nasty 13's into account before booking the tickets. So I get on my first hop from LHR to Kuala Lumpur airport, about 3 or 4 hrs into the...
  12. Krys

    Question Where are you on the global fat scale?

    I'm not going to say what my BMI is...but let's put it this way - if i go to the gym every day for a few years... I may get back to a healthy weight.... The problem with BMI is that it doesn't account for your body type either. I'm a curvy girl (yay me) so a BMI of 22 would look fine on my...
  13. Krys

    Humor Things to do during a blackout

    Whip out the candles and hustle my husband with a game of texas hold 'em. Read an e-book until my battery gets low then plug it into my laptop until fully charged and read some more. Start cutting up my fabric for creating my dresses. Give the floors the good scrubbing I haven't had time for...
  14. Krys

    Hey everyone.

    Welcome to the forum, we hope you enjoy your stay.
  15. Krys

    Science Ask your local Med

    I'm more curious about the long term effects on a woman's ability to conceive/sustain a pregnancy in zero g. (sorry too many friends have given birth this week) Would being in zero g have any effect? Would the eggs even make it out of the fallopian tubes? And another question - would people...
  16. Krys

    Orbiter Store - Your purchase supports Orbiter-Forum & Orbithangar!

    Oops sorry Fozzy! Completely missed that you responded to this thread. Yes you would need to order from the Spanish store. There have been several requests recently for the same designs on different products, so there are a few new items in the store. Unfortunately life has been rather full...
  17. Krys

    Prometheus (Alien prequel)

    Scruce it wasn't an abortion, it was a cesarean section.
  18. Krys

    Prometheus (Alien prequel)

    Garyw and I saw it for Gary's birthday on Friday....and we both feel the movie is a pile of crap. Seriously. Suspense? not really. Thriller? not at all. It falls flat on pretty much every category from acting, staging and costumes to the lack of a storyline. In Gary's words "Prometheus in a...
  19. Krys

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Uh - I'm good..... Garyw is the only space mad geek I fancy kissing, and astronauts don't tend to do it for women...not entirely sure why though.
  20. Krys

    Announcement Staff Member Updates

    Why tl8? Because we are so super awesome you couldn't keep up? ;)