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    Updates ISS UPDATES

    YEP it has Thursters on the MLM started firing after docking whlle leak checks where being carried out station went out of attitude control to 45 degrees had to use Zvezda and Progress to regain attitude looked dicey for a few minutes
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    WIF-Extender 2021-07-15

    Hi little addon for you ISS the Worksite extension Support Assemble live normally on the side of ESP2 and used to get to worksites that are out of reach and to extend reach while on the SSRMS small read me file included enjoy
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    OHM Donamy and Thorton's ISS for Orbiter 2016

    I'll have to look in to it I'm still running to catch up ..My ISS is completely different to anyone else's I could maybe change the model to add the iRosa but I don't know whether it could be an addon to Donamy's original I have been thinking about it yes it needs to be added
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    OHM Donamy and Thorton's ISS for Orbiter 2016

    any Suggestions what I can model next for the ISS? I've just done the Colka Module
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    ColKa Module for Columbus 2021-06-20

    Hi it's been a while, Little addon for your ISS The Colka module installed at the start of the year on the outside of the Columbus Module You need to attach the Gatorass addon to your Columbus to add this, I've included it as I've added an attachment point to the config also included...
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    News Alan Bean RIP

    awww another Legend Gone Ad Astra Alan you have walked were so few have walked you will be missed RIP
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    ISS A2Z interior Some views of interiors for Donamy's ISS A2Z I'm working on
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    Spacecraft 3 animation

    Hi there, I'm having a Animation problem in problem in spacecraft 3 I'm opening a Hatch door in the Tranquillity Module opening it from new in the start position is ok but if I have the Door open and start the scenario the hatch is out of position it might be that there is a conflict with the...
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    Meshing Question Missing Bottom of Mesh

    Hi I've had this problem its a .dds problem some forms of the dds format don't work with orbiter I had it on a Destiny module I had to correct it load the texture into paint package then resave it don't change anything just over write the texture same name the mesh will appear
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    OHM EWV-Antennas-Tranquility

    EWV antennas update Hi there just updated due to getting the antennas the wrong way around and them interfering with the Cupola hope this is better for you
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    EFU's missing yes the EFU's that attach to the Jembus are missing I'm wondering if its attached at the same point as the EFU's check its probably floating about else where in your scenario I need to check it myself ---------- Post added at 11:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:14...
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    Question SLC-3E (AtlasV pad) available?

    the Ulysses addon has a basic Slc-3 model it could easily be updated
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    News First coal-free day in Britain since Industrial Revolution.

    actually Maggie Thatcher and the whole government was driven to it by joining the common market where subsidised coal from France was cheaper there was a party political broadcast about it by the socialist worker it was one of the few times I agreed with them it would have been cheaper in the...
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    HTV-6 2018-04-24

    HTV-6 cargo mission carrying the 6 litium Ion batteries to the ISS this Addon is based on Donamy's HTV 5 Addon  its really the same, I just added the Payload  you'll need the addons in the read me file to run but if you have HTV 5 then it should run fine. Warning I haven't done one of these...
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    News Russia ceding commercial launch market to SpaceX?

    Space X is showing up all of the Government agencies especially NASA no matter where the money comes from they are working to develop capabilities that none of the others can offer and when the Crewed Dragons start flying then the Russians will lose a lot of US dollars. Falcon heavy also calls...
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    OHM EWV-Antennas-Tranquility

    Ill check that that would be mine looks like need to update it thanks for that D-ooooh ---------- Post added at 07:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:57 PM ---------- D-oooh it was the read me file I was worried I had all the rest correct never changed it thanks for that...
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    OHM EWV-Antennas-Tranquility

    Hi Don the Attachment file was from ISS A2Z I just added another attachment point at 0,0,0 so the attachment is no problem yeah my main ISS has the PMA still at Tranquillity but actually this was added after the cover was put on tranquillity after the PMA's move the cables are fine if you...
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    Idea Extended Duration Orbiter (EDO) and the Getaway Special (GAS) Bridge

    Hi there SSU have it in there Addon but if you want it for Shuttle fleet send me your email and I'll send you it I modded an old version for it David
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    JAXA_NREP 2018-04-12

    Hi there,  been a while  but here's a little Module for the Jem bus  was Launched onboard the Japonese HTV5  then deplyed out of the Jem airloack to be attached to EP 4.  you can attach it to the Jem Airlock platform with attachment point 3.  the read me file gives an example of Attachment...
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    EWV-Antennas-Tranquility 2018-04-11

    Hi there WiFi Antennas attached to the Tranquility Module for Donamy's ISS A2Z  included is the Spacecraft config file to add a new attachment point to the Tranquility module   little detail for your ISS model UPDATED due to the fact of getting the antennas the wrong way round and that they...