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    Question Soyuz 7k-T by diogom - automatic descent.

    I could look into it some time in case there's something I need to configure, cause I would prefer that too, though Vostok might be a special case, since it's sort of an integrated class of addons. As in Vostok might not be entirely seen as a separate vessel, while I'm just attaching a payload...
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    Question Soyuz 7k-T by diogom - automatic descent.

    I went to refresh my memory of the code and the counter is tied directly to the rotation of the globe, which in turn is directly tied to the period value, did the globe stop rotating too? For the attitude, time compression is possible, even if I didn't miss any instance where before each...
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    Question Soyuz 7k-T by diogom - automatic descent.

    Maybe I could throw in a floating borscht tube, in homage to the Vostok clipboard. But really, there's at least a better reference than for most of the ship's contents:
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    Question Soyuz 7k-T by diogom - automatic descent.

    Must be something got caught in the gears. Soviet equipment and all. Did you notice when it stopped?
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    Question Soyuz 7k-T by diogom - automatic descent.

    Good to hear that worked! Yeah, to be frank I didn't get into determining the time of the burn with much precision yet. I think most I did was find that from the 350km ish and with the respective Delta-V (115.something), it's around 120(?) degrees of landing angle. I suppose it might be possible...
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    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket. Confirmation they had issues with the attitude control, leading to skipping the engine burn. And likely what was seen during reentry too.
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    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    TDRS and Starlink cut out simultaneously, could indicate loss of Ship
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    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    Sounds like the internal prop transfer is complete. And payload bay door closing.
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    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    Officially on for tomorrow 14th, starting at noon UTC. If weather allows, that is, winds don't look great I think.
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    Problem Baikonur surface glitch

    The ground where the flame pit should be is an O2016 terrain thing with this addon, I'm afraid that's how it is. That pad thing shouldn't be there, though. I'm guessing you weren't able to get igel's surface tiles and O2016 patch?
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    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    Key differences for F3 are testing of the payload door, internal propellant transfer, Raptor relight in orbit and splashdown in the Indian Ocean.
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    Project Apollo Nassp not working

    As I understand it, NASSP no longer works with O2016, you need the latest Beta. Have a look:
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    Idea Space Shuttle Vessel on Orbiter 2010

    You know, Orbiter 2016 doesn't bite, I promise
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    Problem OpenOrbiter2024 Testphase User Issues

    By saving the state, do you mean GetAngularVel and GetElements? That would be my first guess. Although, in O2016 I've been using mode 2 with Get and SetElements and it's been fine (though something sure seems to have changed, so who knows if that's any better).
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    OHM Nova-C Lunar Lander

    Seems that during the patching and reset they did to use the new lasers for landing, Eagle deploy was disabled and they didn't have time to worry about that. Now that it's down they'll get to it and try to get a picture.
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    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    While known for a while now due to pre-built tower segments being barged in from KSC, plans for a second integrated launch tower at Starbase are now in motion with the Army Corps of Engineers as of February 12...
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    Updates Blue Origin announces the New Glenn Orbital Launch Vehicle

    It's back with a second stage and fairing: New Glenn Rolls To Launchpad For Tanking Test TL;DR: first stage tanking test with nitrogen over next few days, first stage is flight hardware, NET Summer for a hot fire with engines completing certification, and launch still on for this year with a...
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    Project Soyuz 7K-T Custom

    Just dropping this here which I found recently. Mostly Salyut 6, but there's a couple of good* 7K-T shots: *well, better than the existing sample pool of, like, zero