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  1. cinder1992

    Software C++ Runtime Libary error.

    Chub777, your graphics card seems to have some problems with Light sources, most likely because it's an older intel chip. turn it off. Dayderness, you should re-install your Graphics card drivers, your graphics card should have enough memory to run the high-res textures you have installed...
  2. cinder1992

    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    When you take a few month hiatus to get personal matters in order and you instantly log back on when you get your computer working.
  3. cinder1992

    thank you guys...

    thank you guys...
  4. cinder1992

    OHM WebMFD

    Ok, what DLL are you missing? I can find the SDK or Library it's from. also, IMFD does work. ALL MFD's work, Even orbiter-radio MFD (I Think the auto-stream broke, because it was constantly playing the same Jethro Tull song over and over at the time).
  5. cinder1992

    OHM WebMFD

    I think I MAY know the problem now... I have a static local IP, Meaning that It's constant over the entire network, For somebody with a dynamic local IP on a network, assessing the addon via your Internet IP will NOT work unless you have the port forwarded, witch requires a static local IP in...
  6. cinder1992

    OHM WebMFD

    I can access the addon locally... but the focus thing MIGHT be why the thing refuses to open a new MFD where one was removed.
  7. cinder1992

    OHM WebMFD

    Hmm, I can see one use for this already: OFMM Telemetry, AND for multi-user vessel control... Imagen, Having sombody pilot a vessel in orbit and another person flying the lander... if somebody makes a control MFD. also, this could be used to teach new users how to use diffrent MFD's... with a...
  8. cinder1992

    Station Building Stories

    I had a fun experience with station building once. I decided that I wasn't going to cheat once and used the Dragonfly tug. When the shuttle got there to deliver the crew... it was in a violent spin. I forgot to reset the center of gravity, causing it to spin over a number of months.
  9. cinder1992

    Funny thing happened on the way to Indianapolis ...

    ah yes, the old Spacecraft 2 thing, SC2 didn't support atmospheric engines AFAIK, so yeah, you could get ANYTHING into orbit.
  10. cinder1992

    Project Universal Vector Graphics Computer for Orbiter

    shameless triple bump, but life has begun to kick back into gear... it is definitely not possible for me to do this on my own. I was a fool to think that I would be able to. also, with the new teaching style they put in at my school, I'm getting enough homework to reach io, so don't count on...
  11. cinder1992

    Project Universal Vector Graphics Computer for Orbiter

    sorry for the double post, but I just had a REALLY stupid idea. Now, the TI-8x family of calculators all have Z80 Processers, right? well, Picture this: Running UVGCO Programs on a TI Calculator! well, i hope I can get to the stage where I can start porting the graphics engine, also, it would...
  12. cinder1992

    Project Universal Vector Graphics Computer for Orbiter

    ok, what the hell, two "I AINTNT DEAD" posts in the same thread, that's always a good sign >_>. anyways, here's whats happening: I've once again scrapped the CPU code and have decided to use a friends code, despite the amount of junk in it (vague variables and several apparently useless...
  13. cinder1992

    Orbiter theme song?

    you DO realise that that song is included with Orbiter sound, right? also: Vangelis - Alpha - Epic Cover/Remix edit: somehow, this thread gained an entire page while I was writing this post <_>
  14. cinder1992

    too late... :shifty:
  15. cinder1992

    Talking to serial devices

    mind if I use this so people can use REAL hardware with UVGCO? Edit: this actually answers your question JDat
  16. cinder1992

    Movie making for orbiter.

    lower your screen resolution. for youtube, 800x600 is usually sufficient. also, double check the video options and make sure that your not using time lapse.
  17. cinder1992

    Request Red Dwarf ship

    oh god, nostalgia.
  18. cinder1992

    OHM Realistic background

    for all intents and purposes, I'd use DagO's settings. I'd also recommend that you double the intensity of the background, E.G. 0.1
  19. cinder1992

    Question CAD-like modeling request

    whoops, no there isn't.
  20. cinder1992

    Question CAD-like modeling request

    I would personally recommend Solidworks. I like it, it's more CAD than 3d-modeling, and blender can import some models that it can export, so I can put them into orbiter.