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  1. fsci123

    Extrasolar planet found orbiting Proxima Centauri

    I know we will never visit this planet in my lifetime but im glad that the current state of technology will allow us to get a decent snapshot of this planets conditions. Within a decade or two we would know the composition of its atmosphere, its color, and if were lucky, a rudimentary map of it.
  2. fsci123

    First Contact: Are We Ready? (continued from "...2050 in space flight")

    I meant that if the aliens were hostile or we responded to their pressence in a hostile manner then they could inflict serious harm on our systems with powerful spacecraft subsystems intended for peaceful purposes. It may take time but an alien supercomputer could eventually figure out how to...
  3. fsci123

    First Contact: Are We Ready? (continued from "...2050 in space flight")

    I think for the foreseeable(next 300 years) future, first contact would be extremely one sided...going something along the lines of a nuclear aircraft carrier encountering an ancient egyptian river raft. Even small alien vessels would be a significant threat... the propulsion systems would be...
  4. fsci123

    Discussion What would you like to see happen by 2050 in space flight?

    I accepted the harsh reality of the future of manned spaceflight and im now pretty comfortable with the future i see... My expectations: *US Manned missions to the moon by 2040 occurring once every year or two *Probes to Neptune and Uranus *Robotic missions that make use of swarms of micro...
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    Updates Blue Origin New Shepard News and Updates

    The private space race is heating up
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    Colossal star explosion detected

    I feel sorry for whatever life forms are in that Galaxy. Probably multiple mass extinction events happening everywhere.
  7. fsci123

    Star Wars Force Awakens [Spoiler thread]

    I really wished the made the characters more morally grey... Because the bad guys are trying to be evil so bad theyre defying basic logic.
  8. fsci123

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    A while back(5 years ago) i got into making maps and imagery for wikipedia. I was randomly on FB and i saw one of my maps had gotten shared several thousand times as part of a political meme. Really interesting feeling.
  9. fsci123

    Star Wars Force Awakens [Spoiler thread]

    One thing that bothered me was the cantina music. It was a scene full of weird aliens and bizarre sports and things yet they couldn't find any music weirder than garbled reggae. They should've thrown in some ultra exotic electronica in there tbh.
  10. fsci123

    Star Wars Force Awakens [Spoiler thread]

    So apparently, the first order is a militarist government on the fringe of the Galaxy...a small fragment of what the empire used to be. Apparently it is experiencing a serious insurgency in the few areas they control. The New republic is the government the rebel alliance established after they...
  11. fsci123

    KIC 8462852 (Tabby's Star) Faded Throughout the Kepler Mission

    Wouldnt a destroyed planet show a constant dip in light rather than several intense peaks. Unless it fractured into chunks and that seems to be impossible from my knowledge.
  12. fsci123

    News Here be Dragons: SpaceX reveals manned Dragon design

    I still prefer the white clean room suits they usually wear like the ones in Interstellar still peaks on my cool meter.
  13. fsci123

    Metal Fueled Ion Drive (Neumann Drive)

    I wonder what it's like when the rocket is shooting exhaust on you.
  14. fsci123

    Elon Musk and using Nukes business...

    Some researchers from germany wrote a paper about how cyanobacteria and polar lichens could survive on mars. If there was a deliberate effort to seed mars with lichens and bacteria, what would happen? Could dropping a few comets into the atmosphere increase the amount of surface water to allow...
  15. fsci123

    Elon Musk and using Nukes business...

    What is the minimum amount of terraforming that people could peform on mars that would allow earth plants to survive in? Possibly even small animals like worms and insects.
  16. fsci123

    Elon Musk and using Nukes business...

    I actually was going to ask a similar question a few days ago but I didn't have the courage. Would the use of atomic/hydrogen bombs for construction and mining on Mars still have the negative side effects like use on earth? Would fallout get blown into space or would it be a danger to nearby...
  17. fsci123

    New Star Wars movies confirmed (NO SPOILERS!)

    I remember watching the first season of the clone wars really early in the beginning when it first came out. I'm on season 4 it's pretty cool, some times the childish nature of the show gets in the way of the story...especially with jar jar and such. I like it, it keeps me distracted. I sill...
  18. fsci123

    New Star Wars movies confirmed (NO SPOILERS!)

    I decided to binge watch the Star Wars clone wars cartoons in addition to the movies. Anybody noticed how unqualified the separatist leadership is? They are said to be winning during the war so that means that the republic military leadership is even worse. The same can be said for the empire...