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  1. jgrillo2002

    we need to leave this forum. they are pro censorship

    we need to leave this forum. they are pro censorship
  2. jgrillo2002

    OHM Better ISS

    Holy :censored:. Nice job with this addon. Had no FPS issues with this since im using a RTX 2060 Super
  3. jgrillo2002

    News 2021 fungal epidemic

    Sounds like that contaminated mold, got into the ventilators, and that is why we are seeing this.
  4. jgrillo2002

    Problem Undercarriage problem

    Hey. sadly that addon was designed for Orbiter 2010, as the developer moved on from orbiter and his site was shut down.
  5. jgrillo2002

    AMSO AMSO Lunar Liftoff problems

    I will tell you this. I have the same issue, the only workaround is to manually pitch down 90 degrees but just let the autopilot do the work. I think it has something to do with the elevation mapping.
  6. jgrillo2002

    OHM Proton (added to a family of Vostok, Soyuz, First in Space, R-9 Russian addons)

    Sorry about that. I should have been more precise. its the 2016 version of orbiter, and it happens with the Sirius scenario but also happens with multiple scenarios that have to do with the third stage. And yes it does still burn while reentering the atmosphere.
  7. jgrillo2002

    OHM Proton (added to a family of Vostok, Soyuz, First in Space, R-9 Russian addons)

    Having a problem with your proton launchers. apparently the third stage isn't giving enough thrust to achieve orbit and just keep reentering earth. this occurs with multiple scenarios which includes the GEO launches which is when I first noticed the problems.
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    News Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies at 90

    Very sad day for the crew of Apollo 11. Only Buzz remains alive.
  9. jgrillo2002

    P30 maneuver help

    Well I completed the maneuver. took me a couple of tries but I did it. Thanks for the help.
  10. jgrillo2002

    P30 maneuver help

    Excellent. Now im getting in the checklist "F 50 18 Request MNVR to FDAI RPY Angles. I recognize that the AGC is flashing Verb 50 Noun 18. but I dont get the other part.
  11. jgrillo2002

    P30 maneuver help

    so according to the PAD. I have R at 000, P at 213, and Y at 357, and this was from the PAD that I wrote down on a sheet of paper. So, I input in the AGC as follows 00000 21300 35700 Correct?
  12. jgrillo2002

    P30 maneuver help

    so what do I input at the "PAD Burn Attitude"? the R, P, and Y numbers? and what are the Xs for? 0?
  13. jgrillo2002

    P30 maneuver help

    That was seriously a quick response. I appreciate it. Now I am facing the PAD Burn Attitude. is that the Pitch Roll and Yaw as displayed as RAlign, PAlign, and YAlign?
  14. jgrillo2002

    P30 maneuver help

    Hi I needed some help with the P30 maneuver. According to the checklist, it says to input the TIG on the computer. My question is, How do I input it? I already wrote down the PAD readouts
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    Gaming No Man's Sky

    No kidding. I rather have more bugfixes than content. but this is fine.
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    All part of the Great Reset.
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    Back on topic though, I got my final dose of the Pfizer Vaccine. made me really tired but my pop has alot of side effects shown on the fact sheet.
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    Already got mine, which was the Pfizer vaccine. second dose coming in two weeks.
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    News WhatsApp is about to ruin our privacy

    Never used Fakebook or Twitter. Never will. they can go down the tubes for all I care.