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  1. N_Molson

    Question Is there a map of Mars that visual shows the placement of the Surface and Elevation tiles?

    I think Jarmonik's terrain tools could help you. AFAIK they will be a feature of Orbiter2024.
  2. N_Molson

    Gaming Space Station Designer (disclamer : might include a tiny bit of self-promotion! )

    Space Station Designer v0.5.25 is out ! On Steam : On : To put it shortly, we have...
  3. N_Molson

    Request Save State Vector to a txt file

    Yes. What might not be necessary is the graphic client.
  4. N_Molson

    SDK Question How i can Export a DLL?

    You don't export a .dll, you compile it from your source code.
  5. N_Molson

    Updates ISS UPDATES

  6. N_Molson

    Installation Orbiter 2016 on win 11 64

    For Orbiter 2016, go in the Launchpad 'Modules' tab and tick the 'D3D9 Client' box.
  7. N_Molson

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Awesome !
  8. N_Molson

    General Question Orbiter 2010 High-res Texture Packs?

    Spacecraft 4 ? I think to remember the version around in 2010 (a long, long time ago 🧓) was spacecraft 3... Could be a compatibility issue ?
  9. N_Molson

    Orbiter 2024 Launch readiness

    Hello, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. Using version 240315 I can see the Sun rising through mountains. The DG is in Kathmandu, Nepal, and the camera is looking towards the Himalayas :
  10. N_Molson

    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    There's still going to be some time before they put a crew into that thing and land it on the Moon :unsure:
  11. N_Molson

    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    That day, the US armored offensive was halted by a traffic jam caused by an old bus that broke down. :salute:
  12. N_Molson

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Had the exact same issue. It is worse in Brighton Beach. Olympus Mons looks good, though. :confused: Video clip :
  13. N_Molson

    Gaming Space Station Designer (disclamer : might include a tiny bit of self-promotion! )

    Space Station Designer v0.5.22 is out ! On Steam : On : Added a new set of campaign objectives for the early...
  14. N_Molson

    Project Boeing 747 Development Thread

    OK but I want a mini-bar! :ROFLMAO: 🥃
  15. N_Molson

    [RU] Привет русским!

    Привет! Попробуйте установить пакеты текстур, доступные для загрузки на домашней странице Orbiter : Текстуры Марса в высоком разрешении можно скачать отдельно.
  16. N_Molson

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    AFAIK it isn't easy. More a geometry issue with the "UV sphere", the shape from which the planets/moons are rendered. As you can see the "squares" are the largest near the equator and the smallest near the poles. Also, the shape near the equator is quite close from a rectangle, but it is less an...
  17. N_Molson

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    I'd say that the Martian atmospheric flight possibilities are a bit underrated in Orbiter. I'd go for ultralight tri- or quadri-planes, to maximize the wing area. Not sure what kind of propeller would be suitable though. I'd go for a lot of large blades but of course it adds weight.
  18. N_Molson

    OHM FlyByWire 2016 01

    Well, just drop the correct files in the correct folders. If you're using Orbiter 2016. It does not work with OpenOrbiter. :confused: