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    New Release Crew Dragon 2022

    Hi Brian, thank you very much for your superfast response ... happy to see "my scenario" works fine for you, so maybe as you said I just have a lot of unused staff ... i will disable the unused mfd as you suggest and try again-, if not working i will re-do a fresh installation of orbiter with...
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    New Release Crew Dragon 2022

    Hi BrianJ, I installed your latest version of the “crewdragon2022_230210”, and I was doing the “inspiration4” mission…but I am experiencing “weird” effects, which I don’t know if they are due to some lack of knowledge to operate the crafts, or some files are missing/corrupted…here are my...
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    Hey Y'all

    Welcome!!! have fun...
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    Hey there

    welcome back then...and happy flights :salute:
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi Buzz....welcome!
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    Welcome to the forum !
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum buddy. :cheers:
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    OHM PursuitMFD 2016

    Hi, just a small update to my attempts. I managed to land on Olympus using PursuitMFD, by approx 100x100km orbit, letting the MFD to manage the deorbit burn and all remaining landing. (Actually, also Max-Q kindly suggested the same course of action in the meanwhile) I will try HoverMFD on the...
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    Hello, everyone.

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    welcome back! :cheers:
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    Hi all

    welcome! :cheers:
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    Hello, I play orbiter, but i am just 14 yers old.

    dear "jerome", surely you are bright kid (allow me this, i am 55) if at 14 yrs old you are thinking to programming and making "games" , surely it is a BIG PLUS, you will be an excellent student to whatever school/subject you will decide to go/do. As I am just a simple end user, without any...
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    OHM PursuitMFD 2016

    thank you Arvil! and sorry if I read your post only now...i will try what you suggested using both MFDs. I am not familiar with HoverMFD (I know it exists, but i never used it; but as you said that it can also land on airless and thin atmosphere planets as Mars i just re-downloaded and print the...
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    OHM PursuitMFD 2016

    hi to all, I am moving my first baby steps to learn using PursuitMFD; so far I managed to dock and land on the moon; but I always fail to autoland on Mars. I saw some old posts here but I didn't succeed, so i guess I am doing something terribly wrong or stupid. So allow me some few generics...
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    Joined up to tap into a great resource

    very nice initiative from yours, we need scientific prepared / educated people for the future of the planet....good luck to you and your students.
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    OHM Space Launch System for Orbiter 2016 0.1.2

    HI, I have a small technical question relating to this mission and the flight plan which was released. When in the ATTITUDE rows the following acronyms are used: bias –XSI, PAO, -XSI spin, -ZSI (during start trakers exercise), bias +YSI, +XMI …. What is their meanings? +/-X, +/-Y, +/-Z are...
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    OHM Space Launch System for Orbiter 2016 0.1.2

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    Hello everybody

    dear Federico, Fulvio, despite my location I am Italian too, so welcome to the forum...and happy flights!!!!
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    Welcome indeed!!!! i guess since 2003 you may deeply appreciate all developments done to Orbiter by this wonderful community of people ! :cheers: