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  1. Johnman

    Orbiter wish list

    Actually terrain would be pretty nice. It would make my Earth flights where I pretend my Ravenstar is a Cessna much more interesting.
  2. Johnman

    TransX Starting a new plan

    Indeed, by having only one MFD opened I can avoid the crashing. Thanks!
  3. Johnman

    TransX Starting a new plan

    I did this and got a CTD. Is this expected under any circumstances? Or just a coincidence?
  4. Johnman

    Project XR3 Phoenix (WIP)

    Looking awesome. I've been away from Orbiter for a while and to see stuff like this going on makes me very happy!
  5. Johnman

    Project CST-100

    There is no such thing as a dumb question! Blender supports Collada (.dae), Wavefront (.obj), 3D Studio (.3ds), and more through plugins. As you may already know, you will need to produce .dds textures. NVIDIA has a free Photoshop plugin that may be useful here. If you have never used Blender...
  6. Johnman

    Project CST-100

    I don't know about texturing in Sketchup, but you can directly export it to Blender (with the Pro version), smart-unwrap UVs, texture and use this sexy thing to export it as an Orbiter mesh. It shouldn't be problematic with relatively simple models like these. Btw, they're looking gorgeous. I...
  7. Johnman

    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    As far as I can tell, this is done with Unity. It should be straightforward to make a Mac build. Great great little game btw. I think you got a buyer here!
  8. Johnman

    Hubble Launch simulation live on OLM - this evening - 19:30 UTC

    What does the caption in the center of the image mean? Google translate is of no use! EDIT: Nevermind, it has started
  9. Johnman

    Project CST-100

    OK, count me in then. For C++ or whatever you might need!
  10. Johnman

    Project CST-100

    Have you considered going DLL? I have the know-how, and kinda suck at modeling, so I'd be very happy to help with this project. This could also allow for more intricate UMMU/UCGO integration. :cheers:
  11. Johnman

    [ESP] Sitio Web Español

    Dejo un mensaje. No parece que haya mucha actividad hispanohablante no... Aunque la gracia del espacio es que es internacional (de momento). Lo que sí que veo son muchas faltas de ortografía. :lol:
  12. Johnman

    Annoying math problem

    And even if you don't, you will eventually recognize them. After all, you know 5*5 = 25, 10*10 = 100 or 3*3 = 9 and I'm sure you didn't need to make a conscious effort to remember those. It just comes with practice. Don't give that too much though.
  13. Johnman

    News IPv4 address blocks are over

    How am I going to remember all those handy-to-know-by-heart DNS addresses!?
  14. Johnman

    Internet L5 : A Hard Science Fiction series

    Shouldn't the texture be horizontally mirrored if we are seeing it from behind? EDIT: Ok, silly me. You mirrored your screenshot so we could see it xD
  15. Johnman

    Project Plants

    This sounds very, very interesting! As Nazban said, currency may not be such a good idea, but a material resources system for extracting, hauling, producing... Hell yeah!
  16. Johnman

    Hyperbolic Fiction

    I'm checking out the blog in a minute, but I looked up "Cherenkov radiation" (because I didn't know what it was), and I saw Wikipedia has both spellings "Cherenkov" and "Čherenkov".
  17. Johnman

    Project Enhanced Orion 20m (Update 3 - Feb 15)

    I have been thinking about this ship for a week now. Thanks for the update! PS: The HUD causes a massive FPS drop on my machine. The more text there is the laggier it gets. I'm using Windows 7 64bit. Is this normal?
  18. Johnman

    Flight Question Plane contantly changing

    I am no expert, but this happened to me when I had non-spherical gravity sources activated (among other settings regarding increased realism). Make sure you don't have anything like that active. You can always delete Orbiter.cfg to reset all settings to default.
  19. Johnman

    Hello there!

    I'm yet another returning orbinaut. I first downloaded Orbiter in 2006 and tried to play it without sound or addons. I quitted in fear, thinking it was some kind of training simulator. I had never registered here because I considered myself too ignorant on space science matters to even learn...