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  1. Wolfer

    Vessel Velcro Rockets + AMSO

    I've used CSMs atop Velcro Saturns many times without any problem. The mesh is protected, so you can't add it with the scenario editor, otherwise it will be all scrambled. But I had no problem adding it by editing the .scn file.
  2. Wolfer

    General Question Which ISS/STS add-ons do you recommend?

    There's Thorton's ISS that's awesome. For the space shuttle there are 2 addons, Shuttle fleet, that you already have, and Space Shuttle Ultra, which has more features.
  3. Wolfer

    OHM Saturn C8 - Apollo Direct Ascent |v.2

    It seems the "spacecraft" folder is missing from the download.
  4. Wolfer

    General Question How hard is it??

    That's odd. I did not know rocketry was a science. I always though it was an engineering field.:P
  5. Wolfer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

  6. Wolfer

    News Small plane engine failure

    I think it's fair to say that the camera was not aimed specifically at the engine. From the looks of it it's just appears to be in it's field of view. Since these cameras are usually placed on the gear strut, that is quite close the fuselage, unless you turned the camera away it's always going...
  7. Wolfer

    News Small plane engine failure

    Last summer I was at the flight school where this happened. They told me the problem was with a faulty fuel line. The pilot was really lucky though, usually that highway is crammed with cars.
  8. Wolfer

    Station Building Stories

    Space station assembly is really one of the most enjoyable things to do in Orbiter. Here's a screenie from a mini station I'm building with the shuttles.
  9. Wolfer

    Science How i belive a flying car could be built

    Flying cars won't happen anytime soon because of 2 reasons. They're basically aircraft, which equals at least a private pilot's license, and they're meant to be flown INSIDE big cities. Even if we don't consider all the FAA regulations for flying OVER any big agglomeration, there is still the...
  10. Wolfer

    Flight Question Leaning towards interplanetary flight...?

    I'd recommend tranx. It's harder to learn than IMFD, but I find it more versatile, especially when it comes to planning trips with multiple slingshots. There are great tutorials here.
  11. Wolfer

    Songs to listen to while flying

    All of this group's albums except one have science fiction and space as their main theme. This makes most of their songs quite fitting for accompanying Orbiter flights.
  12. Wolfer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Flyby of 1994 CC
  13. Wolfer

    Wernher von Braun. Hero or Murderer?

    I don't think we can say that "his engineering career in the U.S. cleansed his actions for the Third Reich", because that would imply he had done somethings quite evil. As far as I know, he had just let them happen (he didn't had much of a choice anyway). von Braun was an opportunist who saw...
  14. Wolfer

    Famous Space Quotes

    "The rocket will free man from his remaining chains, the chains of gravity which still tie him to this planet. It will open him the gates to heaven." Wernher von Braun
  15. Wolfer

    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    When somebody tells you they've been at the ATM you think they are talking about the Apollo Telescope Mount.
  16. Wolfer

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Astronauts leave a lunar base after a 4 months stay.
  17. Wolfer

    Search Saturn VB

    There's one in Velcro Saturns. It's the scenario called "MS-V-25(S)B" in the "Post-Saturn studies" folder.
  18. Wolfer

    Problem UCGO packing itself off-screen?

    You can fix that problem temporarily by deleting the AFCMODE lines in the scenario. For example: MainBase:UCGO/Cargos/CargoBaseModule STATUS Landed Moon POS 15.5187500 -8.9610400 HEADING 360.00 AFCMODE 56 CargoUnpacked 1 ENDEvery time you will launch that scenario it will work fine...
  19. Wolfer

    OFMM General Discussions Archive

    A bit off topic, but just to let you folks know. Due to real life constraints I will be away from Orbiter until the end of June approximately. Hence I wont be able to really participate in the project anymore. Otherwise I hope this project succeeds and wish you all good luck:cheers:.