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    Dude, you are 1 message away from 3000 messages atm. ;)

    Dude, you are 1 message away from 3000 messages atm. ;)
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Take a look at this beautiful picture of Io & Jupiter from the Delta glider IV Europa to Io rescue mission.
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    Hello, happy to be here.

    Wow, I never knew something like this existed but after reading the wikipedia article about it in detail, I feel I can relate most symptoms mentioned there with myself. While this is certainly not close to any of the 'really serious' personality disorders, but.....since I'm only in my early 20s...
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    lol, while it's true I don't have orbiter installed on my laptop but...... My entire custom orbiter installation is stored in a rar file in google drive which means it's just a 15 minute download away from me. It's less of a time problem & more of an addiction problem. You can't get this good...
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    The solution!!!!!! Alright, now that flytandem has flown his planned trajectory and completed this challenge successfully,(I received a pm from him) I'm posting the solution scenarios. Inside the zip file is also a word file which consists of some explanation regarding the solution. Scenarios...
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    My orbiter days are pretty much over by now but I had subscribed to this thread hoping that you might post in this thread some day, glad that you finally did. :) First of all, congratulations on coming up with the solution. While I'm not(or don't use) a computer program, I do believe there is...
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    General Question Docking between vessels

    Yes, you can, there is already an inbuilt Delta glider scenario in the Delta glider folder named Smack! which has 2 delta gliders setup such that they are about to dock. Alternatively, you can also use the scenario editor to dock to a vessel.
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    Scenario One insane earth to pluto trajectory & another completely sane one

    Two days ago, I downloaded the UCGO addon to fly the Arrow Freighter again after a really long while. I didn't remember too much about it from the last time I used it, so exploring the Arrow Freighter was almost like exploring a completely new ship. The first thing I did after loading the...
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    OHM Varuna

    Actual correct parameters for Varuna. Taken from NASA's website & confirmed with some other astronomy apps. Epoch = 2016.57905544148 ; SemiMajorAxis = 6442950279469.6591797 ; meters Eccentricity = 0.05052422717173251 Inclination = 0.2997823783734367975 ; rad LongAscNode...
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    OHM Quaoar

    Quaoar's inclination is way off. It's inclination is like 90 degrees to the ecliptic. The dev input the values in degrees but orbiter needs it in radians. Changing the orbital parameters in Quaoar.cfg to Epoch = 2016.57905544148 ; SemiMajorAxis = 6498510480943.6728516 ; meters...
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    OHM Makemake

    Yeah, I saw that, but I thought you may know some other source which has that information. I just want to be sure that the orbital parameters of quaoar & varuna are correct and I certainly don't have the ability to do that myself. :(
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    OHM Makemake

    This seems right when compared to some other astronomy apps I have, please also find accurate orbital parameters for Quaoar & Varuna if your time permits that.
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    OHM Makemake

    Yeah, I sorta told you about this so that you could edit your original post above with that value. :hello:
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    OHM Makemake

    Yup, this is another website where I found the longitude of periapsis value to be 296.6. That website seems pretty reliable to me.
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    OHM Makemake

    Just so you know, there is a huge difference in the author's Longitude of Perihelion value (245.85)which you converted into radians & wikipedia's value. (297.24) The Longitude of Perihelion values for Quaoar & Varuna when compared with wikipedia are nearly identical.
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    Ok, when I posted this challenge, I set the fuel amount & time limit based on some rough estimates. Today, I just flew this challenge and would like to share some information here. First of all, assuming you have the right plan, the fuel spent in MCCs will differ from person to person depending...
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    Try, I'm afraid I won't help you unless you've posted some detailed information here indicating that you've tried really hard.
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    True, changing the inclination & LAN to Epoch = 2016.57905544148 ; SemiMajorAxis = 6442950279469.6591797 ; meters Eccentricity = 0.05052422717173251 Inclination = 0.2997823783734367975 ; rad LongAscNode = 1.6982957103063498483 ; rad LongPerihelion =...
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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    The amazing Relativistic Warp MFD is working with orbiter 2016. No matter who you are, I think you should try this addon once if you've never done it before. It's pure awesomeness. :10sign: Relativistic Warp MFD 1.5
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    Yes, when I started planning for this challenge in TransX, Quaoar & Varuna both looked almost 90 degrees inclined to the ecliptic, way more inclined than any other rock I had in orbiter. I looked at wikipedia for their ecliptic inclinations and found that they were around 8 & 17 degrees...