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    Roadmap proposal - Orbiter development

    Keyboard cowboys! Answer on simple question: how should look Orbiter from user perspective. What user, not programmer, need/want? Instead of making noise about coding.
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    Discussion "Orbiter Council" to guide open-source development

    OK. Development continues. Any milestone list? What is a way to add more API calls? What API calls are planned to remove? Any plans to change MFD API redesign?
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    Discussion "Orbiter Council" to guide open-source development

    What about Martins last release with DX7 on x86 before mowing to x64 and @jarmonik graphic engine?
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Selfie was a joke.
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    On last few days I am already observing 28 MBit/sec data downlink from JWST on 25.9 GHz. Looks like JPL guys taking selfies from L2 orbit.
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Ok! JWST arrived at his new home! Congrats to all! :hailprobe:
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    The Universal Flight Simulator

    There are addons, who allow run orbiter over many computers in network with goal to make multiscreen simpit system. I already made some tests and it looks like good altenative to complex multiprojector setup.
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Some info why mirror segment deployment and alignment takes many months:
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    From my knowledge how it works: 18 mirror segments on main mirror and 1 segment(?) on secondary mirror Each segment on main mirror have 6 servos on corners + 1 servo to change shape/bending for segment. Secondary mirror have 6 servos/ Calibration process ( program in GWBASIC ): 10) Coll down...
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Origami stuff are fully deployed. Need to coarse tune all 18 mirror. This will start any moment and continue next 2 weeks. Then L2 insert burn. Than 3 month fine mirror alignment and instrument calibration. Where is WEBB?
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Sorry, for offtopic and spam. This is in russian, but you will figure out the story. After sunshield deployment magnitude changed from 16 to 14.
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    Open source Orbiter (kind of) license question

    Yes, you missed them. There are meshes and textures...
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    Guide: Orbiter development in Visual Studio 2019

    To my understanding there are two different things: Open source Orbiter, what you already successfully compiled 3rd party addons, who are separate projects/solutions Because there are some nifty things to get 3rd party addon compiled, I recommend you to start learn by recomilling Rcontrol and...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    So? Most useless answer. Does this directory structure solve problem? YES or NO?
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    Discussion Building OpenOrbiter under Linux

    Is there any recipe how to compile Open Orbiter under linux without Visual Studio? For example: user@computer:~$ cd orbiter/build user@computer:~$ cmake .. user@computer:~$ make user@computer:~$ sudo make install or something similar.
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    What music are you listening to?

    Good mental preparation before start to dive deep into flying. I still have problems with orbit sync theory for docking scenarios, didn't read how to use TransX and problems with atmospheric entry... ? And original:
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    Updates ISS UPDATES

    And don't forget about santions. Russians have problems with IC supply due to sanctions now. I assume that they have problems to get RF ICs from Analog/Linear tehnchology and TI.
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    General Question Good addons

    XRsound Orbconnectweb VNCMFD Orbiter master/slave Rcontrol (on laptop) with airfoil control patch
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    Discussion Building OpenOrbiter under Linux

    Wow! Tell me more about compiling under linux. I am using linux daily and are really interesting into compiling under linux. How and what you are doing to compile under linux? Some tricks with <windows.h> and wine library?
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    D3D9Client (semi-native) + Orbiter test build

    Great work! Thank you! What features D3D9 still need to support for compatibility with old add-ons? Maybe there is chance to update these old add-ons and remove old stuff from them? Also this info can be useful for new add-on development to avoid use of obsolete API. I saw some old add-on...