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  1. Trekkie

    What do you do for a living?

    i work at KLM / Boeing Component Services Program as a Repair Administrator :)
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    Hi all. Im newbie.

  3. Trekkie

    News Getting high on 'shrooms...

    So when we have people on Mars they will make their breakfast with Shrooms growing on the outside of a Hab and getting high as hell. :ROFLMAO:
  4. Trekkie

    SDK Question Creating Custom Planet Rings

    Hi Everyone, i was wondering if there is a trick/Tool for creating Planet Rings, i have read some Threads that has some explaination about it but i decided to make a dedicated thread for it. would be great if someone could help out! Thanks!
  5. Trekkie

    Update Trekkie's Corner!

    Hey Luke, Will get to that when i get more Time to do some modelling i hope this or next week :) it has been sitting on my Harddrive for Ages but work keeps spoiling my time to do it, i did not forget it :)
  6. Trekkie

    Gaming Mars Horizon

    Heck Yeah this game Rocks, i did a Beta Test for the Devs a while back and its been on my Wishlist ever since! will be bought Soon! :D
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    Update Trekkie's Corner!

    Trying a new way of showing what i am doing with the upcoming Star Trek Universe Add-on, this is my Progress on the close Star Systems so far (this does not include Planets, they will follow later) please let me know if you like this setup :D
  8. Trekkie

    Looking for a function

    there is a Bezier Curve function in Blender
  9. Trekkie

    Orbiter Wiki

    love the idea of bringing the Wiki back up, if there is some help needed then i'd love to
  10. Trekkie

    Question Custom Planet Night Light

    for a custom planet mesh this can work, but this is an orbiter native planet sadly..
  11. Trekkie

    Question Custom Planet Night Light

    i could not find anything about this on the forum, but im trying to get my Planets to work in D3d9, now the textures look good but i can not get the night lights to work.. the night side of the planet will just be pitch black, anything i can do about this to get it to work right? hope someone...
  12. Trekkie

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    @jarmonik does the D3D9 client support the way level 8 planetary textures are created by the Pltex with night lights included? my planets do not show the nightlights in D3D9 client, maybe they are not supported?
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    News Sean Connery Dies aged 90

    A legend has left us..
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Here its increased by a Factor of 10 here is the config file Name = Proxima_Centauri EllipticOrbit = TRUE ; ignore perturbations HasElements = TRUE ; orbital elements follow ; === Planetary Mean Orbits === ;***cfgBatchDataCalculator Epoch = 2005.41409993155...
  15. Trekkie

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    This is the Sun Proxima Centauri as a .MSH in the Normal D3D7 Orbiter 2016, i do use Blender to export them to a .MSH file And this is the same Sun .MSH in the D3D9 Client it like dissapears and when you get very close it returns to normal.. i dont know if its because of my mesh or if its a...
  16. Trekkie

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    i found a bug when i want to load my upcoming Star Trek universe add-on into the D3d9 client.. i use Custom mesh as a Planet which represents a Sun, now the problem i have is that it dissapears when i zoom out and it does not appear untill i am very close.. i dont know if this is fixable, i...
  17. Trekkie

    Question Lego add-ons teaser

    What might be a usefull trick to use is that if you have trouble with the normals, then you should export your model out of blender as an .OBJ and then import again into Blender where you corrrect everything again and then to export to Orbiter.. then after you loaded in your mesh into orbiter...
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    Update Trekkie's Corner!

    Thanks for the Reference photo, Thanks for the reference photo maybe something i can get done in the future :)
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    Update Trekkie's Corner!

    Civilian Freighers :lol: :rofl::hailprobe: