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  1. joshua01793

    Hardware I have 2 screens can I desplay one more panel ?

    Hello gust got a new screen on top of the one I alrealy have and I was thinking can I use the new screen for somthing useful. I don't mind what. Thanks for reading and your time :)
  2. joshua01793

    how to make lift with a .config file

    i am using the normal .config files not .ddl's and i dont no how to make the ship have lift. can someone help its a little funny having to pot my new ship at a pitch of like 30 degrees gust to keep it off the ground
  3. joshua01793

    model rocket to the moon (unmaned)

    can it happen i dont no much about model rocketry but i no that they can do some cool things what are the chances of getting one to the moon ?
  4. joshua01793

    problem with landing points :S

    i gust made a little ship pot into the config file landingpoint's --------------- TouchdownPoints = 0 -2.6 5 -10 -2.6 -5 10 -2.6 -5 --------------- but for some reson when i load this ship it goes up into the air hites the ground and dues the same thing its like the landing gera have...
  5. joshua01793

    how to make a panel for a ship ?

    i am making a addon and i what to no how to make an panel but am i shotting a bit to high for my seound add on ?
  6. joshua01793

    step-by-step creating a .config file

    i am trying to make a add on it would be nice if there is somone or a site i dont mind that can list all of the things you find inside a ship's .config file and what they do thanks for your time josh
  7. joshua01793

    dragonfly with a RMS

    i was useing dragon fly and i was think well this would be great with a RMS. can someone tell me how to pot one on the dragonfly it would be so useful for Space Station Building:huh:
  8. joshua01793

    spacecraft3.dll what is it all about

    in orbiter hanger evry 2 or 3 add on's it says spacecraft3.dll Required or spacecraft.dll or spacecraft2.dll and multistage.dll i dont no what they are i no were to get them but for the life of me i can not get them to work i used a little diagnostic tool called OrbiterDiagnostic v0.2 this is...
  9. joshua01793

    bragonfly doper in a mfd

    hi its josh your frendly dyslexic:) i was useing dragonfly useing its doper radar and i was thinking well this is the most useful thing i have used on orbiter - (pro grade) and it would be nice if it was in a mfd that could be used on all the ships of the orbiter flet and the ship's i download...