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  1. Anroalh12

    Second big bang will end this universe?

    And if we are an elementary particle of another universe and that universe is an elementary....? Simulation hypothesis is the answer guys.
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    Gaming Subnautica & Subnautica Below Zero

    I read this post two months ago and I decided to play Subnautica 'cause of the good comments you were making. This has to be consider one the of greatest survival open world games of all time. Survival 'formule' is practically the same in any game of that kind. You explore, you craft, you try...
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    OHM Endurance Space Exploration System

    Now I can die in peace.
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    Flight Question Reentry help Please

    Grover is the user you are looking for.
  5. Anroalh12

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

  6. Anroalh12

    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    Status MFD working with one problem (mfd display not fully scaled)
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    (Orbiter 2016 with D3D9:Video:Advanced:Max Load on Frecuency) Has anyone ever put 10e6 Hz? (I wanna try it xd)
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    OHM Interstellar System

    I can give you all the files of the add-on if you want to make a new system or modify this.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I have ever wanted to ask something: does anyone here use Matlab to code any Orbiter addon?
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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    Can someone test the LONGSHOT vessel?
  11. Anroalh12

    Update Updated XR Vessels for Orbiter 2016 Released

    Can we use them with Orbiter 2010 P1?
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    Software CODE 126. Error loading Module.

    No, it wasn't. I've installed it and the MFDs already work now. Thank you.
  13. Anroalh12

    Software CODE 126. Error loading Module.

    Hi again. I've already installed Orbiter 2010 P1 in my computer and I have a problem. During the simulation I can't select BaseSyncMFD or LaunchMFD. Then I go to Orbiter.log and this is what happens: **** Orbiter.log Build Aug 30 2010 [v.100830] Timer precision: 3.94757e-007 sec Found 0...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    This is something I made yesterday night (i was bored xd). It's the CSSC (Banaba Island) with the Sun and the BPad. ---------- Post added at 02:25 ---------- Previous post was at 02:11 ---------- It appears to be the same photo as the last one, but between the Sun and Pad you can see 5...
  15. Anroalh12

    Question Automatic orbital corrections.

    For example. I have a XR2 docked at the Arrow Freighter and they both are orbiting Titan with an altitude of 350km (for example). Then I undock the XR2 and I land it on Titan (for example). The problem is that I do not want to remember adjust the orbit of the Freighter to be aproximately at...
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    Question Automatic orbital corrections.

    Hi, i'm looking for a mfd that "corrects" automatically the orbit of a ship. Do you know if there is any MFD that can do this? THANKS
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    OHM Universal Autopilots 0.3.1

    Artlav, the new modes of UAP you said in 2011, are they still on progress?
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    General Question Moon take-off and docking.

    Hi men. I've created a scenario where I have two ships. One is a LTV lander landed at Brighton Beach, and the other one is the Arrow Freighter which is orbiting the moon at 20km alt and flies over Brighton Beach. What I want to do is to take off with the LTV only using the hover engine and dock...
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    OHM Programa Espacial Lusófono - Bases

    The download link is down.