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    Wernher von Braun. Hero or Murderer?

    The reason I start this thread because I'd like to know your opinion about von Braun. The problem I got with this man is because a family-member (husband of the sister of my grandma) of me has spent time in camp Dora in WW 2. Everytime I see a reference to von Braun as a hero of science I must...
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    Humor Saddest person in the world

    A week ago, I encountered the saddest person in Belgium, if not the world. It was a guy who held up a sign with the words;''The moon-landings are fake. The Americans never went to the moon.'' You might think this is sad but surely not the saddest person in the world. I agree but now I'll give...
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    [NL] Balkenende gaat zijn termijn niet halen

    Wie is het hiermee eens of niet?
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    Undiscovered music bands

    Do you know any music bands who aren't getting enough attention as they deserve. For me this would be Wintersleep, from Hallifax-Nova Scotia
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    Venus visible

    In these weeks Venus is visible in Holland but probably also in whole western-Europe. It's a very bright ''star'' in the south-western eveningsky (against 8 or 9 o'clock) Maybe someone can point a telescope to that?
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    Problem orulex planet approach crash

    When i approach a planet from space i see orulex preloading and after that a pretty little screen that tells me that orbiter fatally crashed. Anyone experiencing the same or a fix?
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    Amazing site: Galaxy zoo

    I stumbled upon an article about a dutch 25 year old woman that found a weird astronomical phenomenon with the site This site focusses on the classification of galaxies. They need all the help they can and everybody can join after doing an easy tutorial. Please join!
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    Is Sarah Palin able to be president

    Imagine, MCain got chosen, then died because of old age. Sarah Palin gets the presidency. Is Sarah Palin going to be able to run America or not.