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  1. Anroalh12

    Software CODE 126. Error loading Module.

    Hi again. I've already installed Orbiter 2010 P1 in my computer and I have a problem. During the simulation I can't select BaseSyncMFD or LaunchMFD. Then I go to Orbiter.log and this is what happens: **** Orbiter.log Build Aug 30 2010 [v.100830] Timer precision: 3.94757e-007 sec Found 0...
  2. Anroalh12

    Question Automatic orbital corrections.

    Hi, i'm looking for a mfd that "corrects" automatically the orbit of a ship. Do you know if there is any MFD that can do this? THANKS
  3. Anroalh12

    General Question Moon take-off and docking.

    Hi men. I've created a scenario where I have two ships. One is a LTV lander landed at Brighton Beach, and the other one is the Arrow Freighter which is orbiting the moon at 20km alt and flies over Brighton Beach. What I want to do is to take off with the LTV only using the hover engine and dock...
  4. Anroalh12


    Can somebody create a MFD to know the rpm of an spinning vessel?
  5. Anroalh12

    .dll Question Planet Modules

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to create a planet module but I have no idea of how to do it. Can you help me? (I have VS2013)
  6. Anroalh12

    Project Interstellar's system

    Hi. One of my new year resolutions was to create the solar system of the movie "Interstellar". Star1 = Pantagruel Planet1 = Gargantua Gargantua:Moon1 = Miller Gargantua:Moon2 = Mann Gargantua:Moon3 = Edmunds The planets are created (it is very easy to create them). Now I'm working on...