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    OHM B5 Battle Crab V.002

    it loaded perfectly until it got to newbattlecrab then it said "terminating after critical error" i have had this with sime mods and others work perfectly so im baffeled
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    OHM B5 Battle Crab V.002

    this addon didn't work for me any ideas-yes i installed it correctly
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    OHM Agamemnon

    very good!!! any chance for a white star? or shadow ship-like the one on ganymeed
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    Idea ISV Venture Star (Avatar)

    if there is a mod then Hells Gate should be put in.
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    OHM Long Duration Deep Space Vessel v1.0

    youre models are amazing,do you take sugestions for future developments?? if so could you do a model of the ship from AVATAR it might be a challange because of the insane amount of detail put into the ship but it would be great to have:)!!!
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    OHM JamesCook

    i would love to be the first to say this is amazing but how do i disconnect the 2 delta-gliders from the main ship-or for that matter the iss because i realy dont know what button to push but again very very good model
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    OHM SSV Normandy SR2

    :)will you be doing any other ships from mass effect (i love the alliance crusier and the collector ship) ---------- Post added at 01:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:44 PM ---------- can you do a video and post it on youtube???