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    OHM FalconHeavy

    I look forward to it. :thumbup:
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    Project Attack Vector Tactical Project: assistance?

    I haven't watched all of this guy's MDF making videos, but it might help with that. The 5 part Bomb MFD tutorials may be the most helpful. Every time I come back to trying to comprehend the Visual Studio stuff I get a headache again. lol
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    Project D3D11Client Development

    Yes, I found that conversation after I posted, and got it to work with that version. So no actual terrain elevation data has been implemented into that yet, am I overlooking something, or am I misinterpreting what they meant by 'terrain'? lol
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    Project D3D11Client Development

    Decided to mess around with the Orbiter beta. With The DX11 w/terrain I get this odd error when I try to enable the D3D11 module. I have no idea what it means, but it prevents the VideoTab from ever appearing. This is with Win7Pro64 and Orbiter build 130101, or whatever the latest version is on...
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    Problem Spacecraft3 Hover Engine Direction

    Looking at the GenericVessel Dev thread again, that probably is the thing to do even if he hasn't yet added the hover engine direction definition option in. I'm not really in any hurry to complete any of this stuff, so perhaps I can be of some help to his GV development if/when I come across any...
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    Project GenericVessel 140205, the SC3 open-source replacement

    Yes, if it's possible to add it in, I would also like to be able to define the hover thrust direction. Set it up so that if the direction is not specifically defined in the ini, then it goes with the default.
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    Problem Spacecraft3 Hover Engine Direction

    Ah, I see. I thought maybe it was a specific limitation of the Spacecraft3.dll. It's really just for demonstration of concept anyways, so maybe I'll just rotate the whole thing in Blender, and adjust the landing leg and thruster animations. In most scenarios it would be setup as Multistage2...
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    Problem Spacecraft3 Hover Engine Direction

    Is there a version of Spacecraft3 that will allow me to define the direction of the hover engine? No matter what I've put for it, the thrust always points in -Y. It's the Spacecraft3 version created on 10/12/2006. Is that outdated? I thought it was the latest version, but maybe not. I'm trying...
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    Project Blender 2.63 + to Orbiter import/export addon

    True. I don't know if it's some oddity with Blender that won't allow the naming to start at 0, but I think I understand now that Vladimir set up the addon so that if the imported Orbiter mesh file contains no label names for each mesh group, then the addon creates a name for each group in the...
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    Project Blender 2.63 + to Orbiter import/export addon

    ^^ In Blender 2.70 that remove orphan vertices export option always seems to cause the errors box. If I select the apply modifiers it flat out crashes Blender. You may have to bite the bullet, and go hunt the orphaned vertices down. If you select all faces and hide them, then change to select...
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    OHM Jarvis Heavy Launch Vehicle 2.75

    Given that Orbiter needs a built in add-on manager I tend to be paranoid of adding things just to later decide that's not what I want, and then have to hunt the files down to toss. The Jarvis package is a keeper. I was on the verge of designing my own heavy launcher, but given the great...
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    Discussion LaunchMFD pitch programmes repository

    Could be that it's using gimbaled main engines on that F9 model, but there's just no discernible animation of it. I do hear RCS thrusters intermittently during first stage ascent, but perhaps they're just for roll control. idk Tried to redo the cfg file to this, but it still ignores the pitch...
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    A noob who is feeling very Dumb!

    Hi WelshGit. I'm a Orbiter noob too, and quickly found fine tuning docking is much easier with the numpad & ctrl key instead of my overly sensitive joystick. Hate to alter the joystick sensitivity since it's good where it's at for atmospheric flight, and rough rcs maneuvering. Trying to...
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    Discussion LaunchMFD pitch programmes repository

    I assume LaunchMFD probably isn't going to work with the SpaceX model collection. Replicated the pitch program from the F9's internal autopilot, but it seems to have no effect on the rocket. Pretty much just ends up corkscrewing around zenith. Tried various numbers for the first two spots in...
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    Software Orbiter hang on exit

    This happens to me on Win7Pro64, but only on certain scenarios, such as Soyuz FG+ISS 3.2 missions. Doesn't matter if TransX is checked in launchpad menu or not. The workaround looks to be the solution for now. Thanks.
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    Hardware Saitek Rudder Pedal Issue

    Howdy, Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but the FlyByWire 0.91 beta apparently doesn't like my Saitek rudder pedals. It recognizes the toe brakes, but not the rudder axis. This is the original Saitek rudder pedals, not the newer Cessna version. Being an X-Plane simmer, I'm too used to using...