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  1. Suzy

    Launch News Soyuz 2.1b / Fregat launch with Meteor-M No. 2 and 6 other satellites, July 8, 2014

    One of the falling stages made quite a light show over SE Australia :) (Which I didn't see! :( )
  2. Suzy

    Internet Testing my website's visibility

    Works fine from Australia!
  3. Suzy

    Internet Gravity, space movie directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Trailer up!

    The screenplay is now online (via this article)
  4. Suzy

    Internet Gravity, space movie directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Trailer up!

    So I wasn't the only one who found all that bouncing around rather funny? :lol: Also, looking at all the debris, Russia must have used a nuclear missile or something to blow up their satellite!
  5. Suzy

    Sandra Bullock in space (still from Gravity)

    More details about the plot - it's Russia's fault! :rolleyes:
  6. Suzy

    Sandra Bullock in space (still from Gravity)

    I found a few photos of Mir-17 with Elena Kondakova; she and the men are wearing shorts and t-shirt in a couple, but they're certainly not skin-tight!
  7. Suzy

    Sandra Bullock in space (still from Gravity)

    There's a space shuttle in the trailer which makes it outdated already!
  8. Suzy

    Sandra Bullock in space (still from Gravity)

    Photo - isn't that outfit a bit more revealing than what's normally worn? :hmm: Might be fun to nitpick all the errors that are bound to be in the movie! First nitpick: stinky bare (and cold) feet! In the NASA photo galleries they're always wearing socks.
  9. Suzy

    News Asiana 777-200 Crash on landing at SFO

    A lot of serious injuries for the survivors: Spinal fractures a common injury after Asiana plane crash
  10. Suzy

    Question Best Film Ever?

    Would the Chinese movie be Curse of the Golden Flower? Everyone looks quite golden and shiny there :) Some of my best-ever favorite films: Ran by Akira Kurosawa, Lawrence of Arabia (saw it on Blu-ray for the 1st time this year and it was awesome!), the original Star Wars and Empire Strikes...
  11. Suzy

    News NASA's Actual Plan to Deflect an Asteroid

    Can ICBMs (if that's what would be used) be guided into orbit beyond Earth? Or would a missile have to be designed specifically?
  12. Suzy

    News (Inspiration Mars) Dennis Tito Wants to Send Human Mission to Mars in 2018

    If they can do it, go for it! (And at least part of a previous thread I started - excluding the "using the ISS" part - does not sound so implausible :) )
  13. Suzy

    Meteoroid explosion in Russia

    NASA estimates the meteor's mass was around 10,000 tons (9071.85 metric tonnes) - that seems incredibly massive! :blink:
  14. Suzy

    Meteoroid explosion in Russia

    A Russian Livejournal has a collection of videos and photos.
  15. Suzy

    Meteoroid explosion in Russia

    Article and a YouTube video.
  16. Suzy

    Total Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012

    My effort at viewing (from Melbourne) :)
  17. Suzy

    Happy Birthday Siberian Tiger

    С Днем Рождения and thanks for all your useful posts! :happybday:
  18. Suzy

    Updates ISS UPDATES

    Year-long ISS stay approved for 2015 and next space tourist to be singer Sarah Brightman.
  19. Suzy

    News Roscosmos News

    "Russians face their space crisis" - James Oberg, NBC News
  20. Suzy

    Space Sugar Discovered Around Sun-Like Star

    So does that mean if alien life were to evolve there it could end up having similar RNA or DNA composition to ours?