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    Problem Time Warp Causing Landed Vessel to fly into space

    As the title says, whenever I exceed 100x time warp (sometimes even when I hit 100x) on the ground, vessels are jumping into the air, and ending some sort of escape trajectory. It happens with both the stock DG and the XR-2. I'm running Orbiter 2016.
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    Returning to Orbiter

    I used to play Orbiter from just before the release of Orbiter 2010, and I played it for a few years, and even got into a bit of modding. I stopped playing in maybe 2014-15, being occupied with KSP. I've now decided to come back, since I don't play KSP anymore, and I have more free time than I...
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    C++ Question VC 2005 error

    When I try to compile the default shuttlepb.cpp, it gives 64 errors, such as: 1>.\ShuttlePB.cpp(69) : error C2504: 'VESSEL3' : base class undefined. I already set it up for orbiter using the orbit hangar tutorial. What's wrong?
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    C++ Question Dev C++ and Orbiter

    Is Dev c++ compatible with orbiter 2010? Because I'm having compiler issues