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  1. RAF92_Moser

    IMFD Earth to Moon| Preflight

    Having traveled to the moon countless times using TransX, I was thinking of getting my feet wet with IMFD. Using the latest version, I cannot follow this tutorial because the course-intercept program is always...
  2. RAF92_Moser

    Passed CheckRide; Now Certified Private Pilot

    It took me what seemed forever because of Indiana weather, but I am finally certified. Today's a happy day for me because I've finally knocked one of the major goals of my life, and now I have to move on and set new ones. It's a long way to an airline captain but now it doesn't seem so...
  3. RAF92_Moser

    What are you doing to conserve gas?

    With oil prices shooting off faster than Delta rockets (yeh, yeh...bad joke), I was wondering how goes the battle? A newfound interest in speed limits? Grinning over that Prius you bought? Investing into oil stocks? Cursing at the pump? Kicking that 8.0L Suburban? Not worrying because you make...
  4. RAF92_Moser

    More Proof That Some Scientists Have Too Much Grant Money Sigh...I smell danger.
  5. RAF92_Moser

    Aresa World Addon Developer Looking For Programmers

    The word is that AilantD is in the hunt for some DLL coders for some of his vehicles, specifically the CSE and FlyCar. If anyone is interested, I would drop him an e-mail at [email protected]
  6. RAF92_Moser

    The Cult of the Probe - In Its Entirety

    Hail, Probe! If you want to visit this page (it will take forever to load), you might get a bunch of login queries. Just keep hitting cancel, and it will eventually stop bugging you, and load the page in its entirety. May the Probe gives us hope in times of despair!
  7. RAF92_Moser

    Singapore Airlines A380

    The big bird has landed! It's very beautiful aircraft and just monstrous in size. Is this a start to a new era?
  8. RAF92_Moser

    Project X-15

    I recently downloaded the X-15 addon from Orbithangar a few days ago. Why did it make me so long to discover this fantastic piece of work. From the very descriptive manual, to the accurate aerodynamics, I recommend this stunning addition to any Orbinaut. Direct Link...
  9. RAF92_Moser

    Tell us about yourself!

    Since we have brand new forum, I was thinking of starting a "Get to know each other thread". Just a little way to bring the community a little closer together. Maybe we share common interests, excluding Orbiter :). Just to kick things off: What's up!? My name is Dan Moser. I'm a student at...
  10. RAF92_Moser


    Does anyone have personal experience with this network and could they share their thoughts on the good/bad things about it? I've tried it a few times, but it seems the ATC only wants to be boss, even though their job is to maintain traffic.