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  1. Ark

    Internet Gravity, space movie directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Trailer up!

    Trailer: This is definitely the real-tech hard sci-fi movie to watch for this year. STS, Soyuz, and the ISS clearly feature prominently, and will all explode at one point or another. The movie is reported to open with a 17-minute continuous shot, and...
  2. Ark

    General Question How to show total Delta-V budget?

    Is there a tool or something that can look at a vessel in a scenario and determine it's total remaining delta-v budget? I'm comparing some Velcro upper stages and I'm wondering which one can provide the most or least delta-v, regardless of thrust.
  3. Ark

    Gaming Mass Effect 3

    Anybody else play it? Mass Effect is my favorite sci-fi series since Star Wars, and the bulk of this game was the best Mass Effect experience yet. Shame the ending pretty much screwed the entire series. :facepalm: But that said, tons of awesome moments in the game. They FINALLY deliver the...
  4. Ark

    Request UCGO demolition charge delivery system

    This is a pretty simple request I was hoping someone could whip up. How about a missile delivery system for Artlav's UCGO nuclear demolition charge? UCGO demolition charge All it would be is a missile around 5 meters long with a single UCGO cargo slot on the tip, translation and rotation...
  5. Ark

    Gaming Any IL-2 Sturmovik fans? Anybody else a huge fan of this game, specifically the 1946 edition that packages all the different expansions? Vanilla 1946 has 256 flyable aircraft, with maps all across Europe, Russia, and the Pacific. The aftermarket mod scene is...
  6. Ark

    Question Do we have any commercial pilots here?

    Earlier this year, my attempted career for the first four years of my adult life completely crashed and burned like an XR-2 hitting atmo at .99 c. I need to do something different in my life, and I'm thinking maybe I should pursue something I believe I'll enjoy more than what I was doing. I'm...
  7. Ark

    News 767 Belly Landing in Poland That looked like a really smooth, easy belly landing. Impressive how he came in almost level with very low vertical speed. No spinning, no tail slamming, just an easy slide to a halt. :thumbup:
  8. Ark

    News Copilot mistakes rudder trim for door lock, rolls 737 Oops. :lol: I didn't even know a 737 could roll like that. I'm sure a number of passengers were in a hurry to retrieve their luggage and unpack a fresh pair of pants.
  9. Ark

    Problem Hanging up in LEO

    I've always had this problem with Orbiter where the simulation will hang up for 5-20 seconds when I'm conducting missions in LEO. Under time acceleration it will often happen once or twice per orbit. I'm using stock Earth textures so I don't understand why it does this. My system should be more...
  10. Ark

    Can't find capsule for NEO mission

    I'm getting really frustrated trying to find a realistic capsule addon for a NERVA-driven mission to an NEO. So far the candidates I've burned through are: ESA CTV - My first choice, but some kind of bug nobody has been able to help me with keeps me from using 100,000x time acceleration, so the...
  11. Ark

    Problem CTV time acceleration problem

  12. Ark

    News Bin Laden Raid Reveals Possible Stealth Helicopter How cool is this? A helicopter with stealth lines and clearly stealthy paint, possibly based on a heavily modified Blackhawk airframe. I wonder if they applied some lessons learned from the...
  13. Ark

    Internet Moonlight Mile - Awesome hard scifi series

    Anybody else ever watch this? It's a two-season anime series about a pair of mountain climbing adventurers who finish climbing Everest only to decide that the logical next goal in their lives is to walk on the Moon. They both take different paths to pursue that goal, with one becoming a...
  14. Ark

    Problem Saturn system WTF

    Craziest bug I've ever seen. I'm flying the current Orion on an interplanetary mission to Saturn, and just as I enter Saturn's SOI it appears as though Titan and several other moons suddenly achieve escape velocity and go soaring off into space. :facepalm: This is not a joke, I switch to...
  15. Ark

    IMFD Using BaseApproach to hit specific orbital plane?

    Is there a way to use Baseapproach or another IMFD function to plan your approach to a planet so that you end up on the same (or close to it) orbital plane as, say, a space station? My specific case is that I'm trying to fly an Antares LR to a rendezvous with a station in lunar orbit. Delta-v is...
  16. Ark

    Problem DGIV CTD

    I have no idea where to start with this, but the DGIV CTDs Orbiter whenever I spawn it with the scenario editor or load a scenario that contains one. Works on a fresh install but there's no way I'm sacrificing yet another Orbiter installation just for this. How can I figure out what's causing...
  17. Ark

    Problem LOLA on Triton

    I know it's pretty much pointless to ask any questions related to this MFD, but why is it that when I use it to land at a base on Triton, it flips the ship over, fires the hover thrusters, and rams me strait into the ground?
  18. Ark

    Question Other launchers with Payload Manager?

    Is Kulch's Energia currently the only launcher addon that uses the Payload Manager? I love being able to attach and position payloads ingame and I'm wondering if any other launchers use it.
  19. Ark

    Bug CTD when switching to UMMU

    With P1 I get a CTD every time I unload a UMMU from any ship and try to switch to it. A whole swath of other vessels, dll and SC3, also CTD whenever I switch focus to them. I'm only using included scenarios, none of my own stuff, and the crashing problem is so widespread it can't be specific to...
  20. Ark

    General Question Planetarium mode config

    How can I change the parameters of the planetarium mode to show bodies from further away? It's a pain not to have a visual reference to the position of small objects like asteroids until I'm right on top of the.