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  1. count_volta

    MIT lectures on youtube, Aircraft Systems Engineering Space Shuttle

    This is amazing. I know nothing about Space Physics, but I am an engineering student so I hope my math background is enough to understand this. Very famous NASA people in these lectures. Enjoy.
  2. count_volta

    Post photos of cool space related stuff in your room!!!

    I'm sure most of us here have either plastic models or posters or authentic moon rocks. ;) So show your stuff. I even want to see your epic gaming systems which you use to play orbiter. Anything. Show it. The probe commands you. :hailprobe: Here is my stuff. This is my Saturn-V model and...
  3. count_volta

    News Space tourism coming soon!!!

    Have people seen this yet? I thought the whole thing died after spaceship one. Apparently it didn't. Wow $200,000. Now even us engineers can go to space. I must go someday. :woohoo: The real question to...
  4. count_volta

    Plastic models of Nasa spacecraft, who does it, show your stuff

    Hi, personally I am obsessed with plastic models of all kinds of vehicles, cars, planes, and especially rockets. The only problem is lack of time. Here is my Revell apollo 11 lunar landing site with all the details. You...
  5. count_volta

    [RU] Привет русским!

    Привет русским! Кто здесь Русский и почему любите Orbiter? Я Женя из Киева. Живу теперь в Америке. Играю в orbiter с 2003 года. Очень люблю все что связанно с космосом и космическими аппаратами, и русскими и американскими.
  6. count_volta

    Whats up, I'm actually an old member from way back when

    Hello, I have actually joined the orbiter community in around 2003 or so. My username was originally ubaku if anyone remembers. My name is Eugene, I am a student of electrical engineering at a fine American university. My dream is to work for Nasa, although I doubt I can get the 3.8 gpa or...