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  1. count_volta

    MIT lectures on youtube, Aircraft Systems Engineering Space Shuttle

    This is amazing. I know nothing about Space Physics, but I am an engineering student so I hope my math background is enough to understand this. Very famous NASA people in these lectures. Enjoy.
  2. count_volta

    Poll How do you take your coffee.

    I take my coffee, shaken, not stirred.
  3. count_volta

    Question Amount of sleep

    The longest I have ever gone is only 24 hours. I do this, and then the next day I drop dead at about 3pm and alarm clocks have no effect on me. In Engineering school you don't sleep a lot. I would rather not sleep because I'm trying to land on Mars, than because I'm solving some complex integral...
  4. count_volta

    A Lada for less than $10?

    We can add a flying Lada to Orbiter. Just imagine. :lol: Not 10 dollars, its free. Please keep that 3d model site a secret. ;)
  5. count_volta

    Twelve days of Christmas-Orbiter Style

    Only if I can have one as well.
  6. count_volta

    Internet Video Thread

    One of my favorite space movies. I need to dig up the clip with the nurse and his sperm test. Its truly hilarious. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  7. count_volta

    Twelve days of Christmas-Orbiter Style

    On the 30th day of Christmas, almighty Probe gave to me... 30 job offers from Nasa 29 PICA Tiles 28 VASIMR engines 27 ISOTAP's 26 Reported posts 25 Ideas for this song 24 GPS satellites 23 Addon releases 22 Tuesdays 21 Velcro Saturns 20 Arrow freighters 19 Orbiter beta releases 18 Apollo...
  8. count_volta

    Project Moonwalk video game

    I actually think its pretty cool. Okay so its not as realistic as Orbiter, but it will get kids and people who are less technically inclined interested in space. Then after they get tired of its arcade like atmosphere, they might try Orbiter. Its a good thing. Personally I'm going to try it.
  9. count_volta

    Question Help creating a Signal on Matlab

    Are you a fellow Electrical Engineer? I never had to make anything that complicated, but I can give it a shot. I will fire up Matlab later. Here is something to try for now. This will create a square impulse from 0 to 5. You can change it to move it to the locations in your plot. n = -5 : 1...
  10. count_volta

    Question Whats the best Sci-fi movie/tv series?

    I'm a big fan of the X Files. Also Star Trek, the original series. Star Wars is cool. Oh and Don't forget the original Twilight Zone.
  11. count_volta

    Post photos of cool space related stuff in your room!!!

    I'm sure most of us here have either plastic models or posters or authentic moon rocks. ;) So show your stuff. I even want to see your epic gaming systems which you use to play orbiter. Anything. Show it. The probe commands you. :hailprobe: Here is my stuff. This is my Saturn-V model and...
  12. count_volta

    Martin Schweiger Interviewed!!

    Dr. Martin never ceases to amaze me. I was absent from the community for 3 months, I come back and Orbiter 2010 came out. Wow. He doesn't have to do what he does you know, he doesn't get a cent for it. Its art for art's sake.
  13. count_volta

    News Space tourism coming soon!!!

    LOL crappy flat in Moscow. Or a crappy flat in Kiev. But the new apartments in Obolon arnt so bad. Anyway well yea, 200k is a little much. When it gets to around 50k I won't even hesitate. But this is the opportunity of a lifetime. So few people get to...
  14. count_volta

    News Space tourism coming soon!!!

    Have people seen this yet? I thought the whole thing died after spaceship one. Apparently it didn't. Wow $200,000. Now even us engineers can go to space. I must go someday. :woohoo: The real question to...
  15. count_volta

    [RU] Привет русским!

    Alexey_UA ты из Украины? Я родом з Києва. як справи товаришу? :tiphat: Вибач відповідь на твоє питання не знаю.
  16. count_volta

    [RU] Привет русским!

    :probe: Probe это Vostok-Luna: Block E, Luna-1-2-3 Так что, это наш русский косм. корабль. Гордость то!!! :hail::probe:
  17. count_volta

    RC DeltaGliderIV project

    Wow that looks amazing dude. :thumbup: Can't wait to see it fly. You got some talent I must say. Can you please resize your future photos to like 1024x768 though. These are way too huge and take a while to load. None of the quality is lost if you resize them. Thanks.
  18. count_volta

    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    When you waste hours trying to figure out how to get to the moon in Nassp instead of doing your homework. When you finally get to the moon, see it in all its pixelated glory, and go showing your friends who couldn't care less." When the words, space, planet, spaceship, space time continuum...
  19. count_volta

    The Probe?

    Da comrades, Hail the :probe: which we Russians have launched. Our infinite domination in space abounds. Mwahahahahaa. Plays soviet anthem. Bear on ice skates dances, and loses at hockey in winter olympics. Ahhhh nyet. How can this be??!!! :shrug:
  20. count_volta

    [RU] Привет русским!

    Literally you said, "Absolute no, I work with him on project now, he is still around" Its close enough really. What did you use, an online translator?