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    Problem Problem with Automatic Launch Sistem

    Well I'll explain my problem: I was trying to make a scenario where Deltaglider and STS will launch and dock on orbit. First I launch Deltaglider and I put it into a predetermined orbit. That orbit has to have the same ecliptic inclination and LAN as the STS. WHY? Because before of making this...
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    [ESP] Orbiter crashes when I travel to another planet

    O-F Staff Note: Posts moved here from the 'Traveling to another planet' thread. Please feel free to continue the discussion here. ----------------- Buaf estoy harto de repetir esto en ingles. Me vas a tener que traducir goaowonk, porque estoy ya harto de ponerlo y de decirlo pero no se como...
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    Bug Travelling to another planet.

    I have a problem when I wanna go to another planet like Mars or Jupiter but that doesn't happen when I go from a planet to the planet's Moon (If I'm orbiting Jupiter and I wanna go to Io, that bug doesn't appear). I use Orbiter 2010 and my PC has Windows 7 but I don't know if that has influence...