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    A boost for quantum reality: the wave function is real!

    Long suspected and hotly debated, the wave function, treated as "merely" a useful mathematical tool since its discovery, has now been conclusively proven to be "real", ie, to accurately reflect the actual reality of how the universe works.
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    2012 Venus Solar Transit, June 5-6

    Venus to appear in once-in-a-lifetime event
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    May Day!

    Happy labour day/workers' day/spring day or whatever your excuse to celebrate this beautiful day might be. :cheers:
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    New exoplanet in habitable zone discovered - 4.5*Earth mass, 22 light years away. Another day, another exoplanet. This one wasn't even by Kepler.
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    Gaming O-F iterated prisoner's dillemma tournament - rules finalised, START YOUR AGENTS

    For the uninitiated: I wrote a python script that pits two IPD strategies against each other. Each is aware of its, and its opponent's current score and action history, and must decide whether to defect or...
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    Kepler finds "Mars-size" exoplanets I wonder how much longer Kepler will continue to revolutionize our understanding of how solar systems work on a weekly basis. Remember how we used to think our neighbourhood was littered with super-Earths and hot Jupiters?
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    Relative vector rotation in cartesian space

    Okay, my vector magic is running low here, some help would be appreciated. I'm trying to rotate a vector in the coordinate origin in Cartesian space with coordinates (x,y,z) by some angle about it's relative y-axis - that is, the axis that points at (0,1,0) when the vector is pointing straight...
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    What did you get/give this new year?

    Fork of for orbinauts from an orthodox/cultural orthodox background.
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    Launch News 神舟八号 (Shenzhou 8 atop CZ-2F, 31st Oct 2011 22:00 UTC)

    Probably only days left until the launch, and there's next to no news about it anywhere. Shenzhou 8 is an unmanned mission which will test automatic rendezvous and docking procedures with the Chinese Tiangong-1 space station module launched in September. China to launch Shenzhou-8 early...
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    Rant The hypocrisy of Jobs

    First off, I'd just like to say I've decided not to post this in the other Jobs thread out of respect I have for the man as an innovator. However, I feel this needed to be said. First, thinking in the long term, Steve Jobs claims to be an avowed deathist, claiming death is "the best invention...
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    Science f.lux: Prevent your computer monitor from ruining your circadian rhythm

    f.lux I've been experimenting with this for a week now and I'm finding it much easier to fall asleep after using my computer in the evening. There's considerable science behind this.
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    News NASA releases photos of lunar landing sound-stage EDIT: Full image: link
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    Science Mind uploading ("What will computers be like" fork)

    Consider the following scenario: One of your the neurons in your brain is replaced by a nanomachine with the exact same function as the replaced neuron. It's similar enough that your body doesn't even reject it as a foreign object. All of the neural connections and their weights are preserved...
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    Antimatter belt around Earth detected
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    News War criminal Goran Hadžić captured This government apparently wants into the EU real badly.
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    Generic / planet-specific terms

    In astronomy discussions, which do you prefer? For example, while the generic terms for the orbital apses are "periapsis" and "apoapsis", using planet-specific terms (eg, "Periareion", "Apocynthion", etc) can make a debate much clearer when discussing an interplanetary mission with several...
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    Amazing VLT timelapse video

    No words. :hailprobe:
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    Electron-positron annihilation as a propellant

    So, an electron and a positron colliding at low energies (ie, relatively slow, not in a particle accelerator) tend to produce two photons at gamma-ray energy levels (511 keV). Could this reaction be leveraged for spacecraft propulsion? Consider the following, even a miniscule amount of...
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    News Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo tests re-entry system
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    Subjective FTL travel (relativity thread)

    Because the other relativity debates came close to making my head hurt and produced no agreeable conclusion, can a theoretical physicist please clear this up: A starship headed for a star 100 ly distant accelerates up to a velocity of .9c relative to an Earth-based observer. At that velocity...