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  1. ky

    Project CST-100

    Spent some time looking for the old VC files that I had, they still need quite a bit of work actually.
  2. ky

    Internet Best Space Films?

    Apollo 13, Right Stuff, and Gravity are my favorites, though Gravity was not completely accurate. Then again, it was made to sell.
  3. ky

    Project CST-100

    It's been a while guys, but I'm going to pick back up where I left off with work on the VC, that was one of the few major components that needed to be worked on. Other than that, I'd say this is a good ways along toward being complete.
  4. ky

    Hey, email me as soon as possible

    Hey, email me as soon as possible
  5. ky

    Project CST-100

    I apologize for not staying active with this, real life has really caught up with me, so I have not had a chance to work on the CST for a while, but now that I'm off of school for the summer, I'll have more time to dedicate to this. To keep everyone updated, Boeing has unveiled the CST mockup at...
  6. ky

    Project CST-100

    I usually get thread updates by email from O-F, but for some reason it hasn't been updating, which led me to think that there were no updates, so I apologize for me not being here the past few weeks. :cheers: ---------- Post added at 07:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:18 PM ----------...
  7. ky

    We're doomed! (again.) Asteroid may hit Earth in 2032

    We have a better chance of getting hit by an asteroid than winning the lottery. Thats comforting. :lol:
  8. ky

    Project CST-100

    Sorry I haven't been here, school has single handedly taken over my life, havent had much time to do anything.
  9. ky

    Space Shuttle Ultra 1.25 Revision B development

    Concerning the ATC tower, I won't have much time to work on it now that school has restarted, so I'll pass along the mesh for someone else to complete if it is needed ASAP.
  10. ky

    Vessel Sprint Anti-Ballistic Missile

    I thought it was launched from a silo....
  11. ky

  12. ky

    Problem Problem with Automatic Launch Sistem

    That is because the forward slash is missing from the end code tag, it should be like this [/CODE]
  13. ky

    Problem Problem with Automatic Launch Sistem

    Copy and paste the scenario text, click on the code button, then paste, so it shows up like this: BEGIN_ENVIRONMENT System Sol Date MJD 55270.5138888890 Help Default\Checklists\Quickstart,Quickstart END_ENVIRONMENT BEGIN_FOCUS Ship GL-01 END_FOCUS BEGIN_CAMERA TARGET GL-01 MODE Cockpit FOV...
  14. ky

    News Indian submarine explodes in dock

    Wow, this happened close to the anniversary of the Kursk explosion Russian submarine Kursk explosion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  15. ky

    Project SLS Development[Currently awaiting a coder]

    There wasn't much info on the CST either, pretty much everything we already had.
  16. ky

    A breath of fresh air!

    Woah, I'm a few days late, Happy Belated Birthday mate :cheers:
  17. ky

    Space Shuttle Ultra 1.25 Revision B development

    Added railings:
  18. ky

    Space Shuttle Ultra 1.25 Revision B development

    Are there any with a direct overhead view, like one from Google Earth? That would help a lot with the dimensions of the surrounding buildings. :cheers:
  19. ky

    Space Shuttle Ultra 1.25 Revision B development

    What I have so far: ---------- Post added at 11:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:56 AM ----------
  20. ky

    Space Shuttle Ultra 1.25 Revision B development

    Any more pics and or specs of the building?