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    Question GPCMFD

    Hi, is it working with Orbiter 2016? Any manual? ITEMS? What to input? OPS are clear to me, but at launch I can see only one page (steep ascent till 70km alt). Thanks ---------- Post added 05-21-20 at 07:23 AM ---------- Previous post was 05-20-20 at 10:27 PM ---------- Just found :)
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    Flight Question STS recompiled and LaunchMFD

    Hello, I was able to fly Atlantis with AscentAP to get required azimuth/heading at launch to reach plane of ISS within good Rinc (0.24 deg) Now with LaunchMFD, whatever I do I get heading ca.64 deg.Even if I choose ISS in the orbit as target, Shuttle will fly HDG 64. Please help - LaunchMFD...
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    Flight Question STS recompile

    Wanted to hide this-SOLVED
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    Flight Question Airbrake indicator for Shuttle

    Hi, is there an indicator so I don't have to look from outside (F1) if the airbrake is retracted/extended? HUD? Thanks
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    Problem Fonts change in Win10

    Hi, why after opening Orbiter my fonts change in Win10? Solution???
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    Fastest glider - Shuttle

    Hi, greetings from Warsaw, Poland - cześć :) This is my second week with Orbiter and I love it! I am interested in Shuttle only as I like gliders (Condor 2 sim) and Shuttle is fascinating for me - the reentry and landing was the most challenging for me for years, after flying X-plane 11 (beta...
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    Flight Question G-meter

    Hi, where I can see G-load on crew so I know I don't kill them? Any plugin for that? I saw on YT green numbers for that. Thanks
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    General Question Other launch bases for Shuttle

    Hello, are there any other bases or scenarios that I can launch Atlantis from? From KSC I can't reach Mir station because of location/orbit not crossing. Thanks
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    Problem Glide slope causing CTD

    Hi, on my orbit 2016 Glide Slope MFD causes CTD in de-orbit phase when I click to open it. Please help. Log attached Thanks
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    LaunchMFD Not visible but active

    Helo, I installed v.1.6.6 on Orbiter 2016 and can't open it, though module is enabled. Please help Thanks
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    Flight Question Atlantis reentry 2

    Hello, I am very new here but like Atlantis in Orbiter 2016. I watched tutorials and read articles but still after dozens of trials I overshoot the KSC a lot! Making pitch 40 degres and rolls 90 but again too high and fast. Help me please :) Cheers