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    Launch News 50th anniversary of Apllo 13

    50 years ago, Apollo 13 lifted off from the Cape. Apollo 13 has shown us how it is possible to manage a crisis. We need more of such experts as well today, no more stupid politcans please! :)
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    Hygiea: Smallest discoverd dwarft planet? 302 Moved
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    Calculate simple circuit?

    Hello, is it possible to calculate I1, I2, I3 and I4 assumed that the resistance of the wires is negligible small (let's say they are superconductors :lol:)? Let's say voltage is 12V if required. Sorry but I don't get it at the moment...
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    Water Vapor On The Habitable-Zone Exoplanet K2-18b I gues this is the first time we found water on an exoplanet?
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    Gaming New Microsoft Flight Simulator?

    Hello, I've read an article that Microsoft will release a new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020? I have no Idea if it can keep up with the old version in terms of realism etc., I just have read this short articles and this trailer... The graphics looks great!
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    Programming Question c++: How to add a number after a \0 in a char array?

    Hello, i want to parse a connected char array to an array of strings. In the char array, '\0' is used to seperate the string. After the '\0' is a number, in this case 456. The problem is that \0456 will be replaced by the assci sign 456. So how I can initialize the char array right instead of...
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    NASSP Prepare for PDI

    Hello, I tried to use the scenario "Apollo 11 - 12 - Before PDI T+102h28min.scn", and there is this "CLR" Button blinking but if I press it, nothing happent... Is there something still wrong with the scenario or what I have to do? If there is any guide in the folders please let me know I don't...
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    NASSP Orbiter Autopilots in NASSP

    Hello, is there a way to get the standard autopilots (prograte / retrograte / nominal +/- ...) working?
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    Fuel optimized lunar landing

    Hello, I have this question since some years so I will ask now: How does the flightpath looks, from a (let's say ~circular) lunar orbit to landing with v almost 0 at the end, for a ~100% fuel optimized lunar landing? (Le't ignore terrain etc. in the first step) And what's the "optimal"...
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    Second big bang will end this universe? What do you think? is this a professional sounding theorie?
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    Strange pc hardware behavior

    Hi, I did it and I've bought a new board and processor etc. to upgrate my PC. Now I have a strange behavior: With the on board graphic card, the pc has rebooted always in a loop. After disconnecting the SATA controller, I was able to enter the bios. When I pushed my graphic card onto...
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    Formula to get required vertical acceleration for landing

    I've got this method in my code to get the reqired vertical acceleration for landing for my baseland autopilot, but I can't remember what k1 and k2 are...? Are this values good? The code is working well, but I'm not sure how i came to this values and this formular... :-( I hope it's possible to...
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    IQ Test question

    Hello, today I did a quick IQ test and I had a question: In one image, there was a wall with a hole with a pattern like this: *= = - = = = - - = = = *= = - - = = = = - - = = *= - - - = = ... And now the question was, how many bricks are necessary to close the wall... My first (and right for...
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    Amateur astronomer has captured the birth of a Supernova
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    Question Relativistic speed question

    Hello I have had some thoughts and a resulting question regarding hypothetical interstellar traveling... Assumed I want to travel to Alpha Centauri and back to Earth, what is the best speed to chose, if I can travel anything between 0 and c under the condition, that I want to be back on Earth...
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    Children of a Dead Earth

    Hello, "Children of a Dead Earth" seems to be a "realistic space ship war" simulation... Means with real physic and so... You can build you own ships similar to kerbal... Did somebody tried it?
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    SDK Question (solved) How to set a vessel landed?

    Why this is not working to set a vessel landed and how I can change the vesselstatus status to 1 (which means vessel is landed) at current location? I want to make sure that the vessel (v) change to status 1 after landing, because some older vessels are slipping over the ground after landing...
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    Bug Fullscreen problem

    Hello, I have a problem when I launch an Orbiter2016 scenario in fullscreen but only if it contains a XR-1 or Deltaglieder Ex (I havn't tried more from Altea Aerospace): After loading Orbiter, everythink seems to be perfect. But after one second after I hear "All systems nominal" or so, the...
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    SDK Question get gear status

    Hello, is there any workaround to get the gear status of a vessel if it's retracted or not? I havn't seen an api method to get it. I think it's because it's a general "animation" without anything special, but there is also an api method "doubleVESSEL::GetWheelbrakeLevel". For the Deltaglieder...
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    API Question ReadStatus and WriteStatus for modules?

    Hello, I have seen the ReadStatus and WriteStatus methods for MFDs, but is there something similar for modules (no MFDs and no vessel etc.)? I have a std::vector to store the data during runtimer for all the different vessels. The autopilot a are controlled by the clbk::PosStep and the...