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  1. eveningsky339

    Software Is Orbiter 2010 fully compatible with Windows7?

    No problems here on 7. I wonder if this latest incarnation of Orbiter was developed and complied with 7 as a platform. AFAIK Martin has always utilized XP.
  2. eveningsky339

    iOS compatible Orbiter?

    I have had success running the latest version of Orbiter in Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) via the WINE compatibility layer. However, it's buggy. In order for Orbiter to be ported to other architectures, the source code would need to be made publicly available. Considering that the current...
  3. eveningsky339

    Apollo 20 hoax?

    Looks like somebody has way too much free time and way too little understanding about the complexities of landing on the Moon. Also, that link to a forum regarding this subject (back on page 1) looks like someone took an old piece of dog poo, carved some alien symbols on it, and then took...
  4. eveningsky339

    Question Amount of sleep

    24 hours is my record. I worked three night shifts per week (2200 to 0600), so it really wasn't worth changing my biological clock. I just stayed awake the next day and went to bed early, unless I had a night shift the very next night. Those were interesting days. Long periods of severe...
  5. eveningsky339

    Poll How do you take your coffee.

    I'm a heavy coffee drinker, especially since my son was born. He's four months old still wakes up every hour to two hours. Doc says there's not much that can be done about that... But anyway, I usually find myself taking in about 12 cups a day. As for how I like my coffee, I prefer it with...
  6. eveningsky339

    Question Whats the best Sci-fi movie/tv series?

    Highlander was ridiculous. No one has mentioned any of the Sci-Fi (now Sy-Fy) channel original movie classics, like Dinocroc v.s. Supergator. Good for a laugh if nothing else...
  7. eveningsky339

    PSA: English Grammar MEGA THREAD (All Your Grammar Are Belong To Us)

    English grammar is a mess. Latin was much more logical, aside from the unnecessary declensions and conjugations. I mean really, three declensions will do. Five is not necessary.
  8. eveningsky339

    Error Compiling ERRORS

    Semi-colons: the Satans of C programming.
  9. eveningsky339

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Same in Maine, about +6 resulting in yucky slush.
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    Question Whats the best Sci-fi movie/tv series?

    Well there's the six Star Wars movies, obviously. Physics are horrendous, but it's a classic. The latest rendition of Battlestar Galactica was amazing, but it's fairly dark. I happen to love Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. Again, physics aren't so good, but it has a fascinating...
  11. eveningsky339

    Science Do we live inside a computer simulation?

    The idea that we are someone else's pet project has always intrigued me. Is it possible that we are living in a computer simulation? Yes. The universe could be a high school kid's biology project for all we know.
  12. eveningsky339

    Taste in Music

    I like a little bit of everything, except for country. I enjoy certain pieces of classical music, but I'm pretty picky. Otherwise, all kinds of rock, pop, jazz, blues, electronic, you name it.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I... what?
  14. eveningsky339

    The most remote Google Streetview cars in the world.

    I've seen some bizarre images on Google Street view. One was a man with what appeared to be a horse's head (I believe it circulated somewhat), and another of a man soliciting... eh... certain women. :facepalm: Keep your eye out for that little Google car.
  15. eveningsky339

    Internet Program to hack facebook and twitter accounts

    I have a buddy who got free internet for years due to his clueless neighbors. When they finally figured out the concept of encrypting their network, he had to head down to the local library for his wi-fi. Sad story.
  16. eveningsky339

    Thoughts and prayers needed

    Still can't believe it. Just found out that it appears he struggled with bipolar disorder, and from what I understand, he committed suicide. My heart aches for this family.
  17. eveningsky339

    Thoughts and prayers needed

    Apologies for the necropost, but I just learned that this girl's brother has taken ill and died. Six months ago this family had four children, and now they have only two. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
  18. eveningsky339

    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    Solaris is kind of like the BSD's: fun to use, but too much work for an everyday OS. OpenIndiana is a mess.
  19. eveningsky339

    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    I will not become a Linux fanboy troll. I will not become a Linux fanboy troll. I will not become a Linux fanboy troll. I will not become a Linux fanboy troll.
  20. eveningsky339

    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    Not so fast now... I was making a funny. --->:lol: It's nice that you are enjoying your games and all, and I agree that Linux can't run jack, even with Wine. Games don't particularly interest me so I'm all set in that department. Which brings us back to apples and oranges. I am an apple-- I...