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  1. eveningsky339

    Ubuntu: Anyone else skipping 10.10?

    Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat becomes available in just a few days. From what I have read, there will be some interesting changes with this release, but nothing that would prompt me move on from a nice LTS release like Lucid. Support for Karmic ends in six months, which will be a sad day for...
  2. eveningsky339

    A new little orbiternaut has arrived

    As of 0045 hours EST on Sunday, a new orbiternaut is among us. This little guy is the real deal people-- he survives on liquid and goes in his pants, like the heroic astronauts of old. His small mass is ideal for conserving fuel on those tight-budget launches and he has extensive experience in...
  3. eveningsky339

    Software Odd Internet Problem with O-F

    Let me point out that this happens only on Orbiter-Forum, and it is browser-independent. I have no problem whatsoever when I first connect to O-F. However, when I click to view a thread, reply, etc, the connection times out. After about five minutes of constant refreshing, the connection is...
  4. eveningsky339

    Thoughts and prayers needed

    I just found out yesterday that one of my good friends has died. She was hiking on a mountain to grieve the loss of her niece, who died from heart complications. She decided to look over the edge of a bluff, and her glasses fell off. She lunged to grab them, lost her balance, and fell 100...
  5. eveningsky339

    News New WO2001 Action Figure Released!

    This is awesome.
  6. eveningsky339

    Humor Anti-Jokes

    The humuor is in the lack of humour. Q: What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? A: The Holocaust. Q: What did the hobo get for Christmas? A: Nothing. Q: Why did the little girl fall off the swing? A: Because she had no arms. Q: What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the...
  7. eveningsky339

    First In-- Compton Fire Department

    Has anyone been following this series? Not sure how it ended up on Black Entertainment Television, but it's one of the best shows I've seen in quite a while. It's a reality show which follows some of the firefighters in the Compton Fire Department (just outside of Los Angeles)...
  8. eveningsky339

    C++ Question Valid use of "cout"?

    Hi everyone. I'm working on a simple calculator program for Orbiter that runs through the Magic Black Box. I feel as though I may be doing something wrong... Can cin and cout be used in a class definition, or must they be confined to the main() function? For example... //random.h Class...
  9. eveningsky339

    Humor Vista Source Code Leaked!

    Four hours ago, somebody leaked the source code to Windows Vista, and now it is all over the web. I share it here because, truly, the programming architecture is genius-- the source code is only a few lines of C++! Anyone involved in programming can learn from this remarkable feat.
  10. eveningsky339

    Question Interplanetary Spacecraft Concepts

    I've been playing around quite a bit with the Deepstar lately, and I've noticed that there are very few "realistic" interplanetary spacecraft available on orbithanger. I would like to start putting together a new spacecraft, however, Almighty Google has yielded sparse results in terms of...
  11. eveningsky339

    .dll Question 102 undeclared identifiers?

    VC++ 2008 is not recognizing identifiers such as "CreatePropellantResource"-- all of which are part of orbiter.lib. However, I have linked everything just as the OrbiterWiki describes. I have an older project that is linked exactly the same way, and I re-built it successfully several times. I...
  12. eveningsky339

    .dll Question Creating an airfoil to simulate heatshield

    Can an accurate re-entry profile be created by defining a capsule's rear heatshield as an airfoil? Would this be an abuse of the CreateAirfoil function?
  13. eveningsky339

    API Question oapiLoadMesh or oapiLoadMeshGlobal?

    This goes back to my question regarding how I could go about jettisoning a resource module from a command module (think Apollo or CEV). I looked over francisdrake's CEV2 source code and I've been reading through the API, and I believe I know enough to build a function in order to do what I...
  14. eveningsky339

    Problem dds textures make ship invisible

    Um, what the heck? I have all my textures for my addon loaded and properly documented in the .msh file. When I first fired up a scenario to take a look, my vessel was not there (but the shadow was). So, I commented out ( ; ) every texture but one in the .msh file. When I fired up Orbiter...
  15. eveningsky339

    .dll Question Jettisoning resource module

    I should probably ask this before I get too far into coding my addon... I am creating a vessel which consists of a command module and a resource module (think Apollo or CEV). Obviously, the resource module needs to be jettisoned before re-entry. My question is, how can I actually implement...
  16. eveningsky339

    Earth-Moon L1

    This is a simple question, but I haven't been able to find the answer on Almighty Google or Orbiter Forum. "Where" is the Earth-moon lagrangian point 1? Is there a certain altitude and inclination to place, say, an L1 depot?
  17. eveningsky339

    Meshing Question Multiple objects in .an8 file

    Hi. I am using anim8or to make a simple capsule-like spacecraft, and everything was going well until recently. I made the CM and the RM separately, thinking I could just import the RM into the CM file, do a little copy and paste, and then delete the RM object. I did this, but when I export...
  18. eveningsky339

    .dll Question Two docked vessels becoming a single "vessel"

    My query is this: I would like to create a spacecraft which consists of, say, a command module, propulsion module, and a mission module. The CM and PM are already together as one vessel upon jettisoning from the launcher, but the MM sits below the vehicle and must dock on the CM's nose before...
  19. eveningsky339

    Flight Question Gemini capsule re-entry angle

    A simple question, for anyone who's up for it: what re-entry angle did the Gemini capsule utilize? It's hard to tell by intuition because the capsule spins and creates lift once you hit the re-entry switch.
  20. eveningsky339

    Problem MOL: CTD upon jettisoning transtage

    Hi all, This is a problem that I've had with Orbiter for over a year. It's fairly straightforward, yet I can't figure it out for the life of me. When I launch sputnik's Manned Orbiting Lab (MOL), the solar panels are supposed to automatically extend after the transtage is jettisoned (J key)...