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  1. lindemherz

    Internet Video Thread

    Uchuu Kyodai/Space Brothers I didn't know where to put this, so I'll just put it here. Movie about two brothers who decided they wanted to be the first Japanese on the Moon, but one got kinda sidetracked...
  2. lindemherz

    Project Soyuz 7k.dll

    Aren't the 7k and T-series Vzor in different locations on the SA? As far as I remember, all the 7k variants had it a bit off-centre, while the T and following have it centred.
  3. lindemherz

    Launch News 神舟八号 (Shenzhou 8 atop CZ-2F, 31st Oct 2011 22:00 UTC)

    Just ask Shatalov and Volynov about that :thumbup:
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    Project Soyuz 7k.dll

    The SA thermal cover blankets are jettisoned along with the BO, PAO, umbilicals, and periscope arrangement in preparation for reentry. Here's a photo showing the approximate positions of three of the six thrusters I took from the Soyuz SA mock-up they have at Chabot Space Center; roll...
  5. lindemherz

    Chinese Shenzhou-inspired Movie/TV Series

    Does anybody here has more info about this movie, "Feitian" ("Flying," although officially named "Shenzhou 11" in English) Trailer: Music video: Also, a couple of years back, there was a...
  6. lindemherz

    Question Thorton's Soyuz FG/U 1.2 - reaching the ISS, how?

    Patience, man, patience. Go back to Go Play on Space (, read the tutorial, do the tutorial, learn the basics ideas behind rendezvous until you feel comfortable with them. Then check that non-spherical gravity box in the Orbiter launcher menu. Be ready...
  7. lindemherz

    Updates STS-133 Updates

    Discovery - the first shuttle I saw being launched, back when I was a munchkin in '93. Saw her going up for 114 also, and it broke my heart not being there for her last launch. I'm gonna cry like a baby when I hear that "wheel stop"
  8. lindemherz

    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    As a general rule, Macs allow you to repartition your hard disk anytime you want as long as you have free space, and most Mac apps (those that don't deal directly with the hardware, are OS maintenance and utilities, or interact with other software) are just drag and drop folders. And if push...
  9. lindemherz

    Soyuz 7K-TM

    The amazing thing is that Komarov actually overcame all these failures in a first generation Soyuz. Unlike the Apollo 13 crew, who had the necessary systems control to be able hack their spacecraft into survival and could communicate with Mission Control whenever was needed (and by this I mean...
  10. lindemherz

    Soyuz 7K-TM

    It was worst - it was the first flight under the name "Soyuz," but it was the fourth flight of a Soyuz spacecraft. The first three ended up just as badly.
  11. lindemherz

    Project Getsuei Dodai

    Problem is that they aren't that useful anywhere with not a lot of gravity. Try to land on Mars in X-Plane. Without retrorockets, at the speeds you need to stay afloat in that planet, nothing less than the toughest arresting gear in the Solar System (or some lithobraking when you run out of...
  12. lindemherz

    New Release Shuttle Fleet V4.5 now released

    Thank you very much for the update, David. You ROCK!!!
  13. lindemherz

    DIRECT Launcher - Augustine Video

    Oh, I see what they did there. This video is not for us, it is for Joe Sixpack, the same Joe Sixpack who was scared into supporting the war on Irak and got laid off from GM, and while supportive of the government but not of its officials and who might remember the Reagan red scares of his youth...
  14. lindemherz

    Have You Loved Space All Your Life........

    The oldest thing my memory can recall is watching STS-26 launch when I was two and a half years old. My first book ever was The Encyclopaedia of Soviet Spacecraft, by Douglas Hart (no, really, and it is a good thing that my father is an astronomy freak so he knew where to find something to...
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    One of my most cherished friends is from Hunan (a province right next to Sichuan, where the earthquake hit) and she is back there right now. She tells me that people in that area are doing all that they can to move on and prove themselves and the world that, despite the tragedy, they won't be...
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    Only that Buran in the end had it's jet engines removed too... :sorry: