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  1. Eccentrus

    Question Suggestion about buying a Camera?

    Well guys, I've been saving for a new camera and is at $450 now, and I still have several months to save on this before I go to a big trip where I would want to use this new camera (I currently am not in possession of any dedicated camera, my last one was an Olympus film pocket camera) and I am...
  2. Eccentrus

    Question Best Place to Immigrate?

    I don't know if this fits in the basement or not, but it certainly doesn't fit in the other subforums and touches sensitive question. Many of you know that I'm irreligious, and live in Indonesia. But what not that many of you know is that I'm an ethnic Chinese who grew up and live in a...
  3. Eccentrus

    News Indonesian Military Airplane Crashes at Halim

    Link to News in Indonesian A really bad year for Indonesian Aviation, a military airplane of the Fokker manufacturer has crashed to a residence area near the military/state airport in Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta, the nation's capital. Currently, 5 homes are known to be lost or damaged and...
  4. Eccentrus

    Science Ask your local Med

    Well, I think I'm the only Medical Student here, but I do notice some people who are working in the health care as well. But a thread like this had not existed yet. Ask anything, preferably space or physics related as well like "what happened to the body after long time exposure to...
  5. Eccentrus

    Plasma "Balloon": is it possible?

    IDK if it's fits here, but I can't find somewhere else more fitting so here's the deal: "We" (I assume everyone here has studied physics in some part of their life) know that a "lighter than air" aircraft can fly because they are literally lighter than air, and can fetch more speed from the...
  6. Eccentrus

    Human Psychology in space

    well, I don't know if this topic suits well to this subforum but here's the thing: I'm doing a research about physiology in space, and my partners in research decided that to make the research much more simpler (e.g. not to complicate things with cosmic ray effects and stuff) by focusing on the...
  7. Eccentrus

    C++ Question Dev C++ for orbiter

    can we use the Bloodshed DevC++ instead of VC? I had installed VC2005E but it doesn't work on vista, and then I tried to install the 2008 version which can't install, and the patch for the 2005 is too big for my network to download, and also, is the Windows SDK is really necessary? AFAIK it's...
  8. Eccentrus

    Question Tutorials I couldn't find

    is there any tutorial of how to make a custom 2D panel by using VC Express or Gambas? And also can orbiter handle something like a touchscreen full-colour MFD? I think that if I'm making a futuristic spacecraft then, its own flight computer should look more sophisticated than just lines and bars.
  9. Eccentrus

    Hardware Can Orbiter use PhysX?

    You see, most of the new NV cards is packed with a PhysX chip alongside with its GPU, it will be good if Orbiter can utilize it to calculate the physics, oh well, if this is off forum, I don't know where else to put this question.