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  1. Xyon

    Grand Tour For The Solar System Not Working Say more words, to help us help you!
  2. Xyon

    Request statistics

    I think I can extract some of this (total users and active, mostly) from the backend, I'll see what I can put together on that. We do record addon downloads, but those don't seem to appear in the reporting tools I have here, so it's less clear how I could collate those. Most of this information...
  3. Xyon

    Bug donation not registered, not received?

    Yep! Paypal does indeed show your donation on our side. The plugin we used for donations in the XenForo world has been nothing but trouble, really; unfortunately not many better options seem to exist, when I've looked. Anyway, many thanks for your donation, it's been safely received. :)
  4. Xyon

    Formula One Grand Prix 2023.

    literally everyone, lol
  5. Xyon

    Updates ISS UPDATES

    We did previously, I'm pretty sure? But Twitter's new restrictions about how many tweets you can read and / or API limits may have impacted it. We certainly can't afford to be paying to embed tweets, sorry!
  6. Xyon

    Problem Potential Malware on the Orbiter 2016 Download Page

    What's hosted here is just the core Orbiter, the mirrors house the high-resolution tile and terrain data files Orbiter 2016 needs, which is not stored here (far too big). You can get the P2P torrent files from here to download those items, however. The mirrors are a primary distribution method...
  7. Xyon

    Resolved O-F Search Error

    Elasticsearch fell over, I have picked it back up.
  8. Xyon

    Resolved "A server error occured, please try again later" ????

    This was a server-side issue and should be fixed now.
  9. Xyon

    Problem Potential Malware on the Orbiter 2016 Download Page

    For reference, the and are the only sites we support officially in this section. The europe Orbiter download mirror is my server (mirror 1), so I do accept support requests for that here, and the only other site of relevance I think would make sense to mention...
  10. Xyon

    Announcement orbiter-radio mirror hardware replacement

    This hardware change has now completed; anything that's broken is going to stay broken unless someone tells me about it.
  11. Xyon

    Resolved Can't access addons?

    I have relaxed the cloudflare protection level on the resource section slightly; it might help.
  12. Xyon

    Announcement orbiter-radio mirror hardware replacement

    This affects only the Orbiter mirror and any other services attached to It does not impact Orbiter-Forum or the Addon Repository herein. Hi folks, I'm replacing some of the hardware powering the Orbiter mirror I run; you should not experience any downtime, but the IP of...
  13. Xyon

    Resolved O-F Search Error

    Elasticsearch had a moment. Should be fixed now.
  14. Xyon

    API Question Trying not to break existing add-ons

    Selfishly, I suppose, I'm most interested in the move away from Windows specific stuff, especially in the building process, but also because it would allow me to go back to doing some Orbiter add-on dev myself without having to resurrect my old msvc toolchain - I don't really have any appetite...
  15. Xyon

    Mess with basic types

    I tend to agree, breaking stuff in this way is inevitable, but we can wrap all the upcoming backwards-incompatible changes into one "big bang" kind of moment, after which users should not expect addons to "just work". It might be worth co-ordinating the planned move with notable addon developers...
  16. Xyon

    Problem Not able to download main app/textures

    Hmm, that's unusual - I don't see any real use of jQuery in that page. What browser are you using to access the site?
  17. Xyon

    Problem Not able to download main app/textures

    Mirror 1 is my mirror; seems to be working for me, when I just tried it?
  18. Xyon

    Bug Addons with multiple files displayed incorrectly after forum redesign

    You'd think I'd have had free time to look into this in that amount of time, but I haven't. I have a number of competing thoughts about how to handle these, and it remains on my list of things to tackle, but I haven't been able to prioritise it yet.
  19. Xyon

    Question Unable to download some add ons

    Yep - having tracked this down, it looks like this will impact some of the addons that were originally stored in OHM as a "link" rather than a file. The importer preserved the link data, but didn't create the addon entry as a "link" type, so the system doesn't know how to handle it. I can fix...
  20. Xyon

    Problem Level 10 Earth Clouds 2016-07-14 no access

    The permissions issue here is erroneous, the real problem is masked behind it, which is that this download was originally presented to OHM as a link, but that wasn't preserved when we imported the addons across from the old OHM. This same issue appears to be present in other addons that were...