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    The Barrel Has Landed (Again)

    Pretty accurate description and recounting of the time I [REDACTED][REDACTED][EXPUNGED BY THE SOVIETS].
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    The Barrel Has Landed (Again)

    Quite exquisite I say! Indubitably. Despite it being cheese, it goes great on a Shuttle-PB and Jelly Sandwich, and especially on Shuttle-A Spaghetti.
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    The Barrel Has Landed (Again)

    On the contrary I find their spread of ideas as thin as the cheese on the lunar surface.
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    The Barrel Has Landed (Again)

    Always a pleasure, you manicotti types. I myself am quite partial to both manicotti and tortellini!
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    The Barrel Has Landed (Again)

    I am of the angel hair clan!
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    The Barrel Has Landed (Again)

    After taking a long hiatus from Orbiter (I have no idea how long, but it's probably been at least an Earth year and maybe a Mars year) I have reentered the world of space physics simulators/games/entertainment/educational things. I bought Kerbal Space Program last week and started playing it...
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    Humor Change some letters

    Momma crashed on Luna licking an old Shuttle PB.
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    Question What is your favourite band? (Try to keep it civil)

    Berlin Philharmonic (not a band, but close enough :P). For actual bands, probably T-Ara and some of Big Bang's songs.
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    Science Most challenging science?

    I probably should have rephrased that :P Basically it's the easiest I've studied relative to its actually difficulty level. Quantum physics and mechanics is very hard, but I'm still able to comprehend more of it relative to its difficulty level than chemistry.
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    Science Most challenging science?

    I was only talking about the small stuff. Actual quantum mechanics is very far beyond me :P
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    News Aeronautics : EADS unveils a new hypersonic plane project

    ~40 years until first expected commercial flight? The bureaucracy that is NASA could do so much better than that... Why is it that realistic goals for spaceflight are at most 20 years or so in the future yet plans for new airplanes (which are even less likely to be carried out than many...
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    Science Most challenging science?

    I only just finished my sophomore year of high school (so I have a small list to choose from), and the bit of quantum mechanics I've looked into mostly makes sense (although I haven't looked into anything remotely difficult compared to what's being studied by physicists today), leaving this...
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    Question [KO - 한글] Pronunciation of Double ㅅ at End of Syllable

    I'm not sure where a topic like this should go, but since it's mostly English I don't think I should put it in the International Forum. I haven't been able to find an answer to this after searching many times, so I'm asking here: In syllables ending with a double ㅅ, such as 있 how is the double ㅅ...
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    The biggest disaster you have caused in Orbiter

    With "cheating" the biggest disaster is hurtling the Death Star into Mars at 5.00 c. Using more "realistic" methods it's probably been veering out of control at Mach 5 about 100 metres above downtown Tokyo for an airshow. I had gone about 50 kilometres away, turned around, and went to drink...
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    What languages do you speak?

    Native: English Somewhat Fluent: Español Learning: Zhōngwén Know a small bit: Nihongo.
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    Question Would anyone be willing to convert .tex, .msh, etc. for me?

    I could do 2 and 3 (and in reverse as well). I do not know what the .skp extension is used for though...
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    Question With whom would you eat dinner?

    1. Carl Sagan. 2. Any intelligent non-human (that wouldn't try to eat me for dinner). 3. Democritus (if you don't know who he is, he's awesome). 4. Voltaire. 5. Thomas Paine. 6. Thomas Jefferson. 7. John Adams. 8. Rousseau. 9. Max Planck.
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    GE Flight Simulator: Have you guys heard of this?

    I've always loved GE better than FSX for one reason: You can fly underwater. I love doing acrobatics (well, hydrobatics, I guess) down at the bottom of the Mariana Trench!
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    The Good News Thread!

    Knut :( I usually watch BBC in hopes of good news, and occasionally Al-Jazeera.
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    Question Question about Russian language

    Relevant bump for interest. I'm trying to learn the Cyrillic alphabet (a bit of Russian, but not much since I'm focusing on Chinese right now) and I am quite interested in the answer.