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    Comment by 'ibjammin' in media 'MAA 2.png'

    I proud to announce the launch of an educational online tutorial to earn your Pilot Astronaut Wings.
  2. On Line Educational Tutorials for Orbital Spaceflight Simulator
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    MAA 2.png

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    Tutorial Pilot Astronaut Flight Academy

    Pilot Astronaut Flight Academy: I recently published an online tutorial for students to learn about the fundamentals of aviation and aeronautics. The course range from the fundamentals of private, instrument, and commercial flying to orbital mechanics and...
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    Pilot Astronaut Flight Academy - PAFA

    Please view my online educational website Pilot Astronaut Flight Academy - PAFA It is designed to teach students the fundamentals of aviation and astronautics. I would like to get some feed back on how to improve the course, some are much more developed then others...
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    Tutorial Orbiter Tutorials:

    Sure what you say is true about flight from planet A to planet B. I'm sure there will be special approach procedures for situations like that, but if your on Mars and traveling from one base to another base that's just the same thing as flying from New York to Las Vegas, or a supply mission from...
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    Tutorial Orbiter Tutorials:

    Yep made a mistake there, I thought I was adding to the previous thread already. Anyway to fix it? ---------- Post added at 11:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:49 PM ---------- Yep made a mistake there on posting a thread, I thought I was adding to the previous thread already. Anyway...
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    Tutorial Orbiter Tutorials:

    I spent the last year putting together some orbiter tutorials based on procedures that I found in the forum. My hope is to give beginners a basic guide to using the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. Enjoy
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    Tutorial Tutorials updated

    I have updated the tutorials on my webpage There still a work in progress and I like some feed back on how to improve them. If you have any commets please leave them and tell me what I can do to improve them. Thanks ibjammin
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    Landing on a Runway

    Landing I wrote a couple of tutorials on landing. Let me know if they help.
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    Thanks for the critque Thanks for the critique. I usually try to credit where I get the information and for got to put it in. I make a note of it.
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    I set up a new tutorial website and would like some feed back on how to improve it. It's a work in progress so I'm sure there some things that may be wrong or are in correct. Let me know what you like and what you don't like.