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  1. RAF92_Moser

    OHM AR-01 Olympus resupply

    I'm having tremendous fun with the cargo hauls between the Arrow, Olympus, and DG IV. Already on my third cycle, catching up to the Blackstar now.
  2. RAF92_Moser

    World of 2001

    BUG REPORT: CTD "Quick! Catch! Docked.scn" Scenario CTD upon launch. Removing line: From: Komarov:2001/Komarov-bis STATUS Orbiting Sun RPOS -194795375134.57 8086428233.04 155678375674.27 RVEL -27885.592 1218.819 -6650.648 AROT 44.51 84.04 167.71 PRPLEVEL 0:0.647 DOCKINFO...
  3. RAF92_Moser

    OHM World of 2001 v3.11

    Excellent work as always. Favorite addon of all time.
  4. RAF92_Moser

    Cycling / Running - Logs, Stories, & Pictures (any fellow cyclists or runners here?)

    Man, I am jealous. I definitely need to get out and exercise more. I remember not long ago when I was in high school, I ran the 5K in 17:30 minutes. Came out to something like 5:36 per mile pace.
  5. RAF92_Moser

    low and high temperature radiators?

    Hahaha, we wish! That is the inversion temperature. That is the temperature at which you can begin to cool H2 via throttling. If you try to cool H2 above 204K via throttling, you actually heat it up!
  6. RAF92_Moser

    low and high temperature radiators?

    To liquefy hydrogen or helium, you have to intially cool the gas. You cannot use a throttling process (where you isothermally compress the gas into a liquid state, and then let it cool by decompression) for hydrogen and helium at room temperature. The attractive interactions for these gases are...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Taco Bell all over my hands! Napkins?!
  8. RAF92_Moser

    A low cost, all European, manned launcher.

    Thrust: About 939.5 kN ISP: 318 s Can someone verify these numbers?
  9. RAF92_Moser

    Your favorite passenger aircraft!

    I've piloted the Diamond DA-40 and I can tell you she is very enjoyable to fly. Light wing loading makes it feel like a glider (Diamond did make gliders before manufacturing airplanes).
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    And predicts our spring?
  11. RAF92_Moser

    Hello everyone, Im Erkha

    The motivation and aptitude to learn! And heart! Which I bet you have! I have been doing this for seven years and I am still learning new things.:tiphat:
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    i don't think orbiter likes my pc.

    Does your display driver crash during other DirectX applications? Your computer specs are up to par.
  13. RAF92_Moser

    Squeeze my landing gear

    I believe I have a simplified solution for this system, assuming this aircraft is using a tricycle landing gear. This was a nice little mechanics problem. RisingFury did a good job on this problem and Miner1. This solution should be easy to follow. Simplifying this solution relies on...
  14. RAF92_Moser

    IMFD Earth to Moon| Preflight

    I see that this was the route I ended up doing. I will definitely skim through that tutorial. I remember using IMFD v. 4.2 for recreating the Grand Tour of the outer planets, but that was a distant memory of 6 years ago. I really like IMFD. It seems like I have a more situation awareness of my...
  15. RAF92_Moser

    IMFD Earth to Moon| Preflight

    Having traveled to the moon countless times using TransX, I was thinking of getting my feet wet with IMFD. Using the latest version, I cannot follow this tutorial because the course-intercept program is always...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

  17. RAF92_Moser

    Gaming Minecraft

    Minecraft is inversely proportional to one's grade point average. Hence, I love it.
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    Hi guys

    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your stay!
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    Gaming Anyone try FlightGear?

    I wasn't too impressed with the excess left turning tendency with the 172...but hey, this stuff is free!
  20. RAF92_Moser

    News The USA needs a perestroika, Gorbi says

    Jeffersonian reform? All for lesser central powers and more state rights!:cheers: