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  1. Hnorm

    Delta V Requests

    I'd like my photo on the cover, a five-page biography, a twenty page interview and a few whole-site ads for the AFA :P:cheers:
  2. Hnorm


    This place seems more...for a lack of a better word, "relaxing" than the forum at M6. Too much people with nothing better to do but turn constructive debates into ad hominem flinging competitions over there. I've always thought starting a new, smaller forum might help this. Your host also...
  3. Hnorm

    Songs to listen to while flying

    I listen to so much of the same music while orbiting, I've kinda gotten to associate it with Orbiter. This is my current "orbiter" playlist, a mix of Ambient-Industrial and Volk Rock. In Extremo - A Vis Lo Lop Reaktor - And No One With Me Laibach - Nova Akropola Yggdrasillsþyltá - Yule Twilight...
  4. Hnorm


    It's the Orbiter that's the drug, not the orbiter forums. Which leads me to...oh wait, I'm approaching Saturn, and at 1000x time acceleration I'll be entering it's SOI in less than a half a minute, I have to go plot a burn to flyby saturn and get to Venus, see you guys! :lol:
  5. Hnorm

    Experts weigh in on security of Pakistan's nukes

    Frankly I don't see why we're not liberating Pakistan yet. Let's see, Iraq: -Had a totalitarian government we helped install but lost control of, with a terrible human rights record: -Was suspected to have chemical and biological weapons, and had upgraded Soviet "Scud" missiles. Pakistan...
  6. Hnorm

    Orbiter Magazine

    This is a great idea. I know some French, so I'm able to understand some of the French magazine (not enough to accurately translate it though), but I'd love to see this in English. As for the name, how about The Hohmann Times? Hohmann is the name of the guy who discovered the low-energy transfer...