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    News Neil has passed away

    As sad as it is, it had to happen eventually. No one physically lives forever. Neil will, however, live on in the history books for as long as there are humans walking the planet, and has left footprints in the lunar regolith that will still be there when the human species is a long distant...
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    Closest approach of 433 Eros, Jan 31, 2012

    I was going to suggest that the article was missing a key ingredient for it to be media hype madness, but then I spotted it in the middle... They have to add that bit into every article because these days the mere mention of the word "asteroid" means Armageddon to the laypublic. Or at least...
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    Gaming TES V: Skyrim discussion thread

    Widows have been through enough. I'm not going to kick them! :thumbup:
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    Science Higgs Boson found?

    Where did they find it? Had it dropped down behind the cooker? I'm always losing stuff there.
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    Question What are you reading?

    I have just finished reading The Zombie Survival Guide, and I've now moved on to World War Z. Why did no-one tell me about these books before? :D
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    Gaming Microsoft Flight Megathread

    Downloading the TOH demo now. I was considering buying the game a couple of days ago, but thought it was best to try the demo first. That's the second 3Gb hit on my monthly download allowance in a few days, after downloading the XPlane 10 demo too! :D Ok, plan B. Tried to download it twice...
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    Gaming TES V: Skyrim discussion thread

    I managed to get infected with vampirism and didn't notice until the guards started attacking me on sight - what I'm told is "stage 4". I have now managed to be cured though, and am back exploring. Starting to get a bit more evil too, trying to build up to a career in the Dark Brotherhood...
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    Gaming TES V: Skyrim discussion thread

    My experience is as follows: To my surprise the program detected my system and put settings to "high". I quess my graphic card isn't as bad as I thought. :thumbup: It's pretty gorgeous. Leveling is a bit fast though. Still busy with my first dungeon and I'm already level 4. :lol: It's good so...
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    Gaming TES V: Skyrim discussion thread

    Lucky you! Mine arrived yesterday. I popped the disc in the drive and tried to install it. "Noooooo! You can't do that! It hasn't reached the release date yet!" :facepalm: Still, I was out last night anyway so I couldn't have played it. Something for me to do tonight. Although I *was*...
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    News Red Arrows pilot killed in incident at RAF Scampton

    It's been a really bad year! Only six fatalities between 1969 and 2010, and now two fatalities in less than three months. :( I suspect this will provide the UK Government all the ammunition it needs to disband the Red Arrows to "save money", as some politicians have been wanting for the last...
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    Asteroid 2005 YU55 to pass near Earth on Nov. 8, 2011

    You mean Natasha Henstridge is going to save the planet? Hurrah! :thumbup:
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    Consoles vs PC gameing thread.

    I'm exclusively a PC gamer (when I get to play games these days). I just never got the hang of console controls. I'm strictly a keyboard & mouse kinda guy! I tend to upgrade my PC every few years, but rarely spend more than about £500. While my computer is still playing all the latest games...
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    Gaming TES V: Skyrim discussion thread

    I can't remember what type, but I definitely went for some kind of Elf in Oblivion, and played stealthily with thief tendencies. I guess that's cos my favourite game series is Thief... (Can't wait for Thief 4, whether it has Garrett in it or not!) Looking forward to some more assassination...
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    Rugby World Cup 2011 semi-final: New Zealand 20-6 Australia

    Well played France. Glad they turned up for that match to make it an epic final! I'd have hated to see a one-way thing with New Zealand running away with it. New Zealand looked very rattled, and France played exceptionally well. Unlucky not to steal it from New Zealand. Just glad that...
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    Rugby World Cup 2011 semi-final: New Zealand 20-6 Australia

    Disappointing end to the tournament for Wales. They were really poor today without Adam Jones, Sam Warburton and Rhys Priestland. The forwards must be really embarrassed to have been pushed off the ball by Australia! I was right about Cooper too. He was having a great game until he went...
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    Rugby World Cup 2011 semi-final: New Zealand 20-6 Australia

    Except the IRB rankings are demonstrably nonsense! The idea that England are currently a better team than Wales is, quite frankly, pretty ridiculous. Even worse, if Wales lose on Friday, they will drop to 8th place! You could argue that the only teams in the world who are currently better...
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    Rugby World Cup 2011 semi-final: New Zealand 20-6 Australia

    Cooper will probably have an absolute stormer against us, knowing our luck! :lol: Cooper did show his abilities a couple of times yesterday. He has an awesome sidestep, purely honed in my sport of touch! Looking forward to next season when SportWales put £1.2 million into touch rugby in...
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    Rugby World Cup 2011 semi-final: New Zealand 20-6 Australia

    Should be Wales in the final, though. Pretty gutted. Even down to 14 playerrs, we had chances to win that game. Missed far too many kicks. It's good news for New Zealand. No disrespect to the French intended, but they've been pretty poor throughout this tournament, and New Zealand will win...
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    Pluto is an important planet.

    Along with the planet Nibiru, once they've found that... :thumbup:
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    Pluto is an important planet.

    But there can't be nine planets, can there? There are either eight planets, with Pluto classed as a dwarf planet, or there are more than nine planets, with Pluto, Ceres and Eris (probably among others) also classed as planets. It certainly makes no sense to call Pluto a planet but then call...