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  1. selden

    Internet Celestia forum registration

    Unfortunately, the anti-spambot component of the registration software of the Celestia Forum is broken. If you want to register on the Celestia Forum, please follow the instructions provided in the Announcement at This problem caused a...
  2. selden

    Veterok, I've activated your Shatters account. I'm sorry it took so long: I don't visit the...

    Veterok, I've activated your Shatters account. I'm sorry it took so long: I don't visit the Orbiter forum very often. Unfortunately, the anti-spambot routine no longer works on Shatters, so people who want to join have to send me email. (This is described in an Announcement post that is shown...
  3. selden

    Project Underwater spaceport?

    Landing in a tunnel might be similar to landing on an aircraft carrier, but would be even less forgiving. It'd have the advantage of not constantly moving, but that's also a disadvantage in windy conditions. So far as placement is concerned, why not make it in the flooded caldera of a volcanic...
  4. selden

    Project H-10-K Enterprises Gateway Station

    I have some minor quibbles with the station design shown on your Web site. For example, the perspective views like don't seem to show any heat radiators. Having the HST nearby wouldn't be so good for the telescope...
  5. selden

    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    My understanding is that the designs of many of the telescope's components were beyond the state of the art at the time, requiring extensive (and expensive) research and development before they could be made. Sadly, the resulting costs were far more than anticipated, causing severe cutbacks in...
  6. selden

    Discussion The next 100 years..

    People do many things which have "no legitimate reason" -- just because they want to. For entertainment. Whether it's skydiving, scuba diving, snow boarding dropped from a helicopter, climbing a mountain, or just bungee jumping. Elon Musk wants to go to Mars. Himself. In 10 years. As I wrote...
  7. selden

    Discussion The next 100 years..

    Much of the pessimism I've seen here seems to stem from thinking that the mobs of uninterested people have a say in what happens. They don't. Most of our advancement, technological or otherwise, has resulted from the efforts of a small number of passionate, talented individuals. Everyone else...
  8. selden

    Hardware Is it possible to use an External Hard Drive as a Hard disk drive?

    ky, IDE supports two drives on a single data cable. One is the "master" and the second is the "slave". Usually the system's hard drive is the master and the CD drive is the slave. Since it is temporarily replacing the CD-ROM, the new drive has to be temporarily configured as a slave drive. To...
  9. selden

    Interstellar Colonization: Restarting from Scratch

    Presumably genetic splicing would be substantially cheaper by using known genetic sequences than trying to generate the appropriate sequences for brain or other physiological structures entirely artificially. Surely it'd be easier (cheaper) to uplift by incorporating dna sequences derived or...
  10. selden

    Interstellar Colonization: Restarting from Scratch

    Because he stole it from Forward. (And movies are about visuals, not reality. :) ) See Rocheworld - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which claims Forward proposed 1500 Terawatts for a small exploratory vessel, and where Landis shows the...
  11. selden

    Teleportation (forked from Sci-Fi Anti-G suit design)

    Artlav, Suppose we did it to you: flash-fried you with a gamma-ray laser, recording all atoms, positions and energy states.Then we failed to reintegrate a copy in a receiving station, for any of a number of different possible reasons. Is that murder? The availability of this kind of...
  12. selden

    Science Sci-Fi Anti-G suit(20-50Gs+) design?

    Don't forget you'd have to fill all the air-filled cavities in the body with supporting fluid, not just the lungs. E.g. sinuses, eustachian tubes, inner ears, etc. The environment would be much like deep-sea scuba diving to the extent that the body would be subject to very high pressure. My...
  13. selden

    Updates STS-134 Updates

    Reminder: NASA TV is available at
  14. selden

    Anim8or and fairings

    Boolean operations are available in Terranim8or, a 3rd-party utility for use with Anim8or models, but the results tend to have rough edges. The ones I've tried needed enough manual cleanup that it would have been faster to cut the holes manually.