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  1. Mafuskas

    Many years too late, but thank you very much for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday.

    Many years too late, but thank you very much for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday.
  2. Mafuskas

    So I know I am many years too late, but thank you very much for taking the time to wish me a...

    So I know I am many years too late, but thank you very much for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday!
  3. Mafuskas

    Launch News (Failure) Phobos-Grunt and YingHuo-1 atop Zenit-2 on November 8/9, 2011

    I just read that the three day window is for the battery life the spacecraft has in its current configuration. Very unfortunate news, I came to check on this mission with high hopes and was heart broken. I am very excited by the mission concept. I can only place my faith in the ground...
  4. Mafuskas

    Humor It's that time of year again...

    I pilgrim-aged back to this forum just for this occasion. HAIL THE MIGHTY PROBE!!! :hailprobe:
  5. Mafuskas

    Hubble spots Pluto blushing in space

    Exactly, I'm very much looking forward to its arrival. Only about 2,401,050,000 km to go!
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    Orbiter RC0 is out; "guess the actual release date" game

    Well, it looks like I'm out. And I thought I was being conservative with that estimate too.
  7. Mafuskas

    Project New Lunar Transfer Vessel in the works

    I definitely agree with computerex. You remind me of GregBurch in how your add-ons have progressed so strongly in craftsmanship while being very consistent in functionality. You're a real inspiration to people like me who would like to get into making add-ons for Orbiter but so far lack the...
  8. Mafuskas

    OHM Uragan v1.01

    Interesting add-on Sputnik! I am also excited by the passenger capability, mainly because I was looking for a russian themed alternative to the venerable Soyuz for my space station. I may have just missed it in the documentation, but what is the capacity of the passenger 'payload' included in...
  9. Mafuskas

    Flight Question When to adjust alignment?

    Remember that its cheaper to change the plane of your orbit when you are going slower, so if you are going all the way out to Saturn, see if your plane change can be made to be as far out as possible before you get to within Saturn's influence. But you will probably only have one spot on your...
  10. Mafuskas

    OHM Space Tugs, release 4

    I'm really excited about the Tranzit space tug and its built in CoG compensation.
  11. Mafuskas

    OHM Mir-2 space station, release 1

    I too noticed the lack of scenarios yesterday. It wasn't as bad though, since thanks to the amazing Payload Manager, getting the vessels I needed on the rocket was very easy. :thumbup:
  12. Mafuskas

    New Feature Post Thanks Button

    I've never actually seen or thought of this feature before, but now that I know of it, I LOVE it. Thanks Tex! Great work. I can see it becoming one of the most useful things on this whole site. :) Also nice touch on the max of 10 per day, I could also have seen it being abused, and this...
  13. Mafuskas

    Orbiter RC0 is out; "guess the actual release date" game

    February 2, 2010. 09:17:26 GMT
  14. Mafuskas

    General Question deep space exploration

    I am a big fan of the Deepstar. I see it has been mentioned but not linked to, so here's my plug of it: The thing about it that I think you might enjoy are the two well designed landers that come as part of its exploration objectives.
  15. Mafuskas


    As far as I know, this is the only Thunderbirds add-on ever released to the Orbiter community: I wouldn't know enough to tell you if your desired craft is part of that set though.
  16. Mafuskas

    Question Impact on the moon.

    There is an account of what appears to be an impact on the moon, recorded by a monk in the 12th century. Here is a good page about it:
  17. Mafuskas

    Rant Buy real books, not DRM-laced bits

    I'll save my main opinion of this whole idea for another time, but I just wanted to comment on the dripping irony of them deleting an Orwell book out of all the books it could have happened to out there. :hmm:
  18. Mafuskas

    Problem Pluto-Charon v2.0 Missing Mesh

    That is strange. I have used all three add-ons in the past, and I remembe Pluto-Charon v2.0 working for me. It has been several years, but I can distinctly remember adding that line and the add-on working, and I think I can also recollect seeing the mesh in one of the add-ons, for sure. I...
  19. Mafuskas

    Reentry basics procedure...My ship always burn!!!

    By your last post, it sounds like you are getting the hang of it. :) Re-entry is very difficult, so be patient with yourself. Good luck!
  20. Mafuskas

    Alien Obelisk On The Moon? Or Other Hidden Surprises?

    It was around three or four years ago, that I read on the old forum about someone seeing something something near Uranus. Normally I wouldn't put much stock into just that one instance, but then I am pretty sure someone else posted about seeing something around there too. I think it was...